The brand was founded by Swedish born designer Johan Lindeberg in 1996 and was launched later that summer. Johan resigned from his marketing directors position to pursue and to create his own personal identity within a brand that he could love and wear.


The first collection by J.Lindeberg was called “21st Century Lifestyle” which was launched in Autumn/Winter of 1997 in New York featuring men’s fashion and golf clothing. Immediately after the launch the golfing community took serious interest in the collection as Jesper Parnevik PGA-tour golfer and friend of Johan helped promote the label by later winning the Byron Nelson Classic championship dressed in J.Lindeberg attire.


A wide selection of polo shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear and shirts are available from John Anthony this season from a brand that has quickly established a strong reputation throughout North America, Europe and Asia with its famous Lymann true merino v-neck knit and trade mark button down collar polo shirts.