Show me the Money! New products from Money have just landed here at John Anthony! Our favourite streetwear label has just made it’s  first delivery from their pre A/W 13 collection, which included products from their new Black Money Collection. This collection was only released a few days ago, so hurry and be the first in line to get your hands on it at JA!


Along with the Black Money pieces, we also have some great statement sweatshirts in head turning shades of luminous green and flame red. The sweatshirt is a classic casual piece, definetely something which we should all be proud owners of, and it’s the perfect thing to throw on on a dodgy day like today…


Money is still a fairly new brand having only been around for 10 years, but in that time it’s become the leading streetwear brand in the UK and a favourite here at JA. It’s a label that follows its urban routes, something which the likes of 50 Cent, Didier Drogba and even Keith Lemon, seem to appreciate.


The new collection Black Money (slang for cash that has been earned illegally) is true to it’s name, with  a completely  monochrome colour palette. This collection couldn’t be anymore different to the vibrant sweatshirts that are also new in, but there some great signature graphic tees and sweatshirts in the Black Money Collection, that are ideal for a night out in the pub.

Check out the new products that have Just Arrived


NEW Born Rich Lips t-shirt from Black Money Collection – shop here


Black Money Born Rich Lips t-shirt


NEW Striped Crew Neck Sweatshirt from Black Money Collection – shop here

Black Money striped grey crew sweatshirt


NEW Pirate King Ape Crew Neck Sweatshirt – shop here

Money pirate king ape sweatshirt


NEW Sig Ape Crew Neck Sweatshirt – shop here

Money sig ape crew sweatshirt