This season’s collection from the weird and wonderful Dame Vivienne Westwood, has not left us wanting. The pieces have just landed this week at John Anthony, and boy it was like feeding day at the zoo. Everyone stood by eagerly waiting to see the new collection, watching as each piece was individually unpacked, steamed and hung.


This collection has a very Dandy vibe about it, with the waistcoat blazer combo and tailcoat jacket, it’s perfect if you rock that sartorial style and are in search of some new additions. The new pieces are all about the details, from triple button shirt collars to gold buttons and chain links on the jackets. Take a close look at them and you’ll notice the small details which just makes us want them even more!


Fancy getting dressed up and looking all dapper? Well here’s how to do it without going the whole nine yards. If you don’t want to look like you’re an extra from Boardwalk Empire, pick a key piece and then dress down around it. We’ve picked the amazing jacket waistcoat as it looks even more delightful on than it did on the hanger, and then paired it with a crisp white shirt with contrasting tan buttons (this shirt is an essential – everyone should own at least one white shirt!). Add a scruffy edge with a pair of worn and holey DSQUARED jeans, this will take away the super smart edge and give it a more relaxed look. Now, you could go down the aspiring artist look and dig out you’re battered old daps, or you could go in the direction of the slightly more suave clean cut image, with a pair of brogues or loafers – that decision is all yours. All these new additions to John Anthony are such good investment pieces, creating a timeless look which can be adapted in endless ways. You’ve done it again Viv, another great menswear collection that we can’t wait to start wearing.