Skyfall was the most anticipated film of 2012, and with it the world went Bond crazy. James Bond is probably one of the most iconic British film characters of all time, and has been played by some absolute legends over the past 50 years. He’s that guy who only needs to state his name, ‘The name is Bond, James Bond’, and BAM he’s falling into bed with some exotic beauty. So not only does he get all the ladies, he also gets to drive around in the world’s top sports cars, shoot all the bad guys and play with the coolest gadgets! Basically he’s that guy every man wants to be (and every women wants to be with…).


So last year Skyfall hit the cinemas, and EVERYONE went to see what new gadgets, guns, cars and girls were in it (if you still haven’t nearly a year later – why the hell not?). But it’s not just the fancy one liners and specific drink preferences that he’s so famous for, it’s also that incredible and flawless sense of style. When the new film was announced you can bet that every brand under the sun would have wanted to have something in this iconic francise, and it was Barbour who one of those lucky brands. Barbour was the perfect choice for this film, I mean you can’t get much more British than a wax Barbour jacket, and it definitely blended in well in the Scottish Highlands scenes where the weather was less than desirable. Everyone went crazy for this jacket when it was released with it flying off the rails all over the country, but this AW they’ve bought out a new jacket and to be honest, the way the weather is here you could probably wear it all year round!. The Commander jacket is not the exact jacket that Daniel Craig wore in the film, as that particular style is no longer available, but it’s the new and almost identical design for this coming season.


We’re one of the few stores that already have it in stock, so hurry up and grab your Bond Barbour before they all go….again.