At the moment we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Buyer’s picks from one our favourite AW brands, Stone Island. When compared to other designer labels Stone Island really is rather unique, and that’s all due to their dedication to creating functional and timeless garments (which are always at the top of our wish list). The initial simplicity of the products is overwritten by the shear quality and innovation of the fabrics used, making them perfect investment pieces. Stone Island was born in 1982 in Italy, where founder Massimo Osti created the brand as a diffusion line for his other label, CP Company (which we are also huge fans of). When you look at the designs they produce you can see a distinct utility and military theme going through them, which makes them extremely versatile to easily mix into your wardrobe. Men’s jackets and coats alone are always key pieces for the up-coming season, and Stone Island is always one of our top picks.


Every season we look forward to seeing the new collection from Stone Island as there’s always something for everyone, which is what makes it such an attractive brand. As soon as you see that signature compass patch on the arm, you know that this garment is going to deliver both in style and in durability, making Stone Island a must have every season – plus you know you’re going to look damn good in it….

Here’s a little peak at what we’ve have coming in this season.