‘You must create your own design-style’ – The immortal words of an American Industrial designer who sparked the creative juices of Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins back in 1995, this led to the development of a clothing line which turned it’s back on the tradition of following trends and made it’s own rules. Who would have thought Raymond Loewy who designed interiors for NASA space stations, Greyhound coaches and Concordes would be the inspiration behind this modern label… You Must Create (they decided to cut a few words out) is new to JA this AW13, and we’re already loving the simplicity and wearability of this menswear collection.


Fraser Moss founder and designer at YMC has created a brand which is understated but functional, something which I think we all need in our wardrobes. Over the years YMC has grown and evolved from the quiet British brand it was, to a name which dominates at the London Collections: Men with it’s contemporary outlook on fashion. They want people to embrace their own style, choosing items that they themselves like no matter the majority’s opinion. Every piece is relatively timeless, which means that these are true investment pieces which you know you could continue to wear post AW13.


       Fraser Moss YMC        ymc neon

                      Fraser Moss founder and designer of YMC                                       You Must Create in neon lights


The shirts we have in are versatile by which I mean perfect for a casual outfit but could also be dressed up for a night out, with either chinos or jeans. They are 100% cotton making them a great relaxed shape and a comfy wear, it’s the shirt for those who recoil from ironing as it looks best with a little crease to it. The super soft jumper made of brushed wool are an essential for the up-coming colder months, there’s nothing better than layering a soft crew neck jumper over a shirt with a a jacket and boots – the perfect Autumn outfit. This is a great menswear collection for AW13 and considering Fraser Moss’ first designs were costumes for superheroes, we’re lucky the collection isn’t all tights and capes…

YMC has restored our faith in the motives and integrity of modern designers, proving inspiration really can come from a single word…or 3.


ymc_crossshirt   ymc_stitchshirt

ymc_jumper      ymc jacket