When I’m talking about Herschel I don’t mean the English astronomer who discovered Uranus (that’s between you and him), I mean the Canadian bag makers who create timeless quality products for all tastes. It’s regarded as a newbie having only been around since 2009, however the inspiration behind the brand dates back to the early 1900s when Peter Alexander Cormack and his wife made the journey from Wick in Scotland, to the village of Herschel in Canada. Found in a very remote area of Canada in the province of Saskatchewan, it may seem like an odd place to move to, named after that famous astronomer (you know the one), however it’s more recent claim to fame is the backpack makers whose family happened to have settled there 100 years ago…


Three generations raised in the same village later (which now only has 30 residents to it’s name) you have brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, the guys behind Herschel Supply Co. Based in Vancouver the backpack brand has continued to thrive since it’s birth 4 years ago with a growing fan base all across the world; it’s a brand that attracts a variety of people by providing a little something for everyone.


Herschel Supply Co. are inspired by the utilitarian features found in traditional hiking backpacks and other travel bags, using those key features and innovative materials and colour-ways to create this fresh take on a simple item. These are the products that were made with the great outdoors in mind ideal for camping weekends or hiking holidays, but also compatible to the lifestyle of those who don’t spend their weekends in the wilderness. There are some cracking patterns in this seasons collections, including a perfectly on-trend black and white chevron print and a bold mix of camouflage with block colours.


                             Chevron Little America Backpack                                           Woodland Settlement Backpack


Herschel offer a range of different collections, many of them collaborations with other creative brands one of which is the Real Tree Collection which JA are stocking this Autumn. This collection uses motifs of real trees (real does what it says on the packet…), images described as the ‘original camouflage’ perfect for blending in if your hanging out in the woods. Real Tree is actually a company who have been creating designs like this for over 30 years, aiding those who rely on blending in within certain environments. All Herschel bags are fitted with the standards features; liners, key clips and pocket sleeves. They’ve also expanded their range of products this season with i-pad sleeves and laptop carryalls, offering a complete selection of carry accessories.


                                      Cypress Camo iPad sleeve                                                        Woodland Wash Bag


Herschel is a great new addition to the JA family there’s a bag for every occasion, from the Market Tote which is perfect for day-to-day use to the Packable Backpack ideal for a day out and about. You don’t have to be wandering in the Canadian wilderness to pull off a Herschel, yes this is the environment which they were made for but these are designs and prints which like true camouflage blend in, and they blend perfectly into this season’s trends. We’re definitely thinking Herschel will be a great gift idea this Christmas especially for someone who travels a lot, or maybe just someone who really loves camo or trees….


                                         Packable Day Pack                                                         Real Tree Market Tote