Just like everything else in the world the modern man has had to evolve with the times, and with that comes the added weight of those little every day necessities. Just take a look around on a Monday morning and you’ll see a sea of bag carrying men packed up for a day in the office or wherever it may be that they work, the only thing that distinguishes each of them is the style which they’ve chosen to carry. Obviously half of it depends on what it is you’re carrying around with you whether it’s just your tablet/laptop and the basics of keys, wallet and phone, or the other end of the spectrum where you’re off to the gym after work or going away for the night.


We always used to associate bags with women, a strong feminine accessory which men shouldn’t be seen dead with. But times have changed with the need for carrying far more personal effects around wherever you go (some of which are not easily carried), so doing the sensible thing they’ve embraced the ‘Man Bag’ for all it’s usefulness and for it’s sheer style. Like I said before there’s a whole array of bags out there and if you’re not quite at the stage where you’re comfortable carrying a shoulder bag or the new ‘Man Clutch’, then you can always stick to the basics…



A category which can be split into a variety of sub-categories but we wont go into it that far, so we’ll just split it right down the middle with sports backpacks and luxury rucksacks. The sporting style of backpack has been around for years but has reinvented itself from the bags you used to carry to school, with a mix of street style and the now popular outdoors image available. Look to brands like Sprayground for the urban look, and Canadian brand Herschel for the more casual outdoors lifestyle. Then you have the luxury backpacks from the likes of Vivienne Westwood which provide a smarter version for those who want to style it with a super dapper ensemble.


TOTES (not the irritating abbreviation of totally):

This is a style that has been extremely popular with the opposite sex and has gradually transferred over to men’s fashion. Ideal if you’re carrying around a laptop/tablet or documents for work that need to stay flat, it’s a pretty big bag that’s perfect for day to day life – to be honest why not throw those couple of pieces of shopping in there too, beats carrying another bag around with you. Go with the big designer labels like Burberry Brit for this type of bag, make a statement with it….




Whether you used it as an overnight bag, gym bag or both, it’s become a very useful piece that every guy should own (perfect Christmas present if not). There are some great leather bags out there which to me just screams sartorial style and pure masculinity. It’s a simple piece that I don’t feel needs much discussion as it simply does what it says on the packet – carries a decent amount of stuff around in a cool stylish package. Barbour have got some great holdalls which are beautifully British and a good size for a weekend away.



The new and slightly controversial bag to hit men’s fashion after making it’s debut with the likes of Burberry and Valentino, has now been adapted by an array of names. People are hesitant about this style purely because of the similarity between it and the female clutch bag, but I can safely say that they are completely different. A female clutch is used to carry copious amounts of make up on a night out, whereas the male version is cleverly A4 size or smaller making it useful for carrying documents around but also the perfect size for your tablet. Some tablet cases are roomy enough to squeeze in your phone or a bit of cash, and realistically that is what a ‘man clutch‘ really is – a tablet/document folder.