They’re been making shoes on the shores of our little British Isle for just shy of 150 years, and have been worn by Hollywood greats like Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and Montgomery Clift – two of the many reasons why we love Grenson shoes. In 2012 they launched G:Lab, a bespoke service where you can visit the men in the white G:Lab coats (don’t worry it’s not that kind of white coat…you’re safe), and design your very own original pair of shoes. It basically gives you the opportunity to choose your shoe/ boot’s materials, colours, textures and soles, pretty much every aspect of it is up to you, and you can even get a personalised message stamped into the lining! It’s an amazing concept that really emphasises the traditional British craftsmanship of the brand. Grenson have been making shoes in Northamptonshire since 1874 and are still using the best quality materials and methods, like the Goodyear welt which is a method that has been used in the manufacturing process since it’s founding and causes the shoe to take longer to wear in but ensures long lasting durability – far more important in my eyes. Most standard shoes you buy are mass produced and made in minutes, whereas a Grenson takes 3 weeks to make and if you’re going for a bespoke order you’ll have to wait up to 6 weeks – worth it though.



We loved the exclusivity of being able to design your own shoe so this season we collaborated with the G:Lab to create a unique one-off line. We went with the very popular ‘Sid’ brogue, a classic style which has always been a favourite here at JA with most of the staff owning at least one pair, and chose a lovely summer’s day sky blue to represent the new season. It even has matching laces to complete the look but they do also come with an extra set in a neutral beige, just for a change. You only have to look at the colour to see that these are a limited edition with only 21 pairs made, and each one has it’s hand written number on the label – so you even know which one your pair is! This shoe is going to look cracking this summer with a pair of tailored shorts and a shirt, something to look forward too….but in the mean time they also look great with skinny jeans and also brighten up a grey suit a treat.


Made by hand in the Grenson Northampton factory, we’re very proud of our G:Lab brogues and love the exclusivity of them – it’s amazing to own a piece of bespoke fashion. It’s just makes you feel very special knowing that when you’re wearing these JA G:Labs, you’re 1 of only 21 people who are walking around in the same shoe. A day in my shoes? Well only 20 other people know what that’s like….