This Swedish denim brand has completely dominated the industry when it comes to jeans, their unparalleled knowledge and passion for their product are only two of the reasons why we love them so much. Nudie Jeans have become a permanent part of our wardrobe, an essential for everyman no matter their personal style or tastes. The styles offered by Nudie Jeans means there really is something for everyone, whether you like yours super skinny or straight with a little tapering, you’re pretty much guaranteed to start a life long relationship with them. We know you all love them and we definitely do too (with pretty much everyone owning a pair or more here), so we wanted to get a little insight into what it takes to be a Nudie Jeans man. We had a little chat with our friend Anton Melin this week to pick his brains about all things denim….


Tell us a bit about yourself and your role?

I’m a Swedish guy who enjoys living the life of the streets of London. I drink a lot of coffee and eat swedish food whenever I get the chance. My job is to make sure our retailers in UK has the best Nudie Jeans offer as they possibly can.


How long have you been at Nudie Jeans?

I’ve been working for Nudie Jeans since 2010 working with both our webshop, sales in Sweden and now UK. My ever first experience of Nudie Jeans was back in 2005 when I was selling jeans in a denim store in Gothenburg.




For those people living under a rock who haven’t heard of Nudie Jeans, give us a quick summary…

In 2001 Maria Erixon Levin started Nudie Jeans in Gothenburg, Sweden. After many many years in the denim industry Maria wanted to start her own brand and not only make the best jeans in the world but also take responsibility for the environment and human beings while producing them. Today all our denim are made from organic cotton and we offer a repair service free of charge on all our jeans world wide to prolong the lifespan of the product.


Explain to us why it’s called Nudie Jeans, is there something we should know there….?

There is nothing more beautiful than the colour of indigo. The living colour that ages together with the person wearing the jeans. We love to see the indigo and the jeans to fade and and the character it gives wearing and tearing the denim. Your pair of Nudie Jeans will be your closest friend and that is what we call it the naked truth about denim; Nudie Jeans.


The brand has dominated the denim scene these past few years, what’s the secret to your success?

I’d like to say that we have two ingredients in our recipe. First and most important is our fits. Maria has always been fantastic at designing strong fits that not only fit all, they also fit perfect. Second and maybe just as important is our constancy. We’ve never followed any trends but concentrated on making a regular pair of jeans. Our customers always recognise our product and feel secure buying it.


What’s your favourite Nudie Jeans memory?

After working 6 months in our office in Gothenburg and wearing my Grim Tim Org Dry Selvage (as worn in the picture above) as long I remember telling my colleague Joey that it was time to wash the jeans for the first time. Joey replied, “When you think your jeans is ready to be washed, that’s when you got six months more to go”. I didn’t wash my jeans until another 7 months and still remember the great result.


A typical weekend includes….?

I like to start my Saturdays at Broadway Market in London for breakfast. If the weather allows me I might go for a stroll browsing some stores and coffee shops before going to the butchers to buy something to cook in the evening.




Where’s your favourite place in the world?

Björkö! It’s a small island outside Gothenburg in Sweden where I, thanks to my girlfriend, spend my summers. When I move back to Sweden one day it’s where I’d like to settle down. It is the perfect place for boating, fishing, bathing and a lovely place to bring friends.