The past few years it’s been the brands hailing from the northern reaches of Europe that have been dominating the fashion scene. Scandinavian labels are fast becoming the most high demand with their clear functional clothing admired throughout the industry. Known for the quality of the products, it’s really been an easy one to embrace. But I’m not going to get into the details of the designers – of which their are a growing amount – it’s actually the general ‘Scandinavian style’ which we’re after today. It’s this utilitarian look which grabbed everyone’s attention a few years ago, but it’s not just the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian designers like Acne, Nudie Jeans and J Lindeberg that are producing this effortless style, other big names are now endorsing this look and introducing it into their collections. You’ll notice that it’s a big trend for Aw14, with lots of uniform inspired jackets, heavy-duty boots and woollen pea coats appearing on the catwalk.

Personally I can’t get enough of this minimalistic look. I’ve always admired people who can keep it simple but still end up looking tremendously chic – proving you don’t need to make a brash statement to be noticed in fashion. The Scandinavian ethos is based on the fundamentals of practicality, minimalism and functionality, all things that you can totally respect when it comes down to your wardrobe. It’s the most realistic and unpretentious trend of the season and has obviously been built with their home environment in mind. The chunky fisherman knits – because it must be bloody cold up there on the North sea, comfortable yet durable denim jeans – because chinos just aren’t going to cut it, and men’s jackets with lots of pockets and other added features – because it’s far easier to stash the essentials in your pockets than lug a bag around….just saying.  It’s all those little features which you may think are there for decoration, that you’ll end up appreciating so much in your daily life – so many pockets, so much possibility! With this in mind, I’ve got to say they’ve got their clothing pretty sussed, and they use only the highest quality materials which you know are going to see it through more than one season. Whether the colour palette of greys, blues and beige reflect the natural landscape or it’s just another ploy for keeping things timeless I don’t know, but they’re all shades which fit the coming seasonal rather well…

We’ve put together a few pieces that ooze this Scandinavian style, from not just the native brands but from designers who have been inspired by it….Get ready to do it like the Scandinavians this Autumn!


JL011   DI013   PSJ002


BS016   SUN004   BAR007


SI022   Br018   bur002

BUR010   psj014   rlp005

Some may think it boring, but the look is actually extremely clever in the way that simplicity of the pieces are hardly going to date over time, making it a wise investment. It may be a huge trend right now but we all know that no matter how popular they are, trends will eventually fade out, leaving you with a whole lot of stuff which is just too embarrassing to wear out. But when you keep things clean and minimal with a neutral colour palette, it’s becomes timeless and you don’t need to worry about it drifting out of fashion. The mix of textures, fabrics and patterns bring variety and character to the look, making it far from boring. This season you can see the reinvention of  the traditional styles, with RAF inspired bomber jackets, woollen military coats, loose unstructured shirts and heavy gage knits all being adapted to reflect the designers unique style. Don’t think that when it comes to this trend that you need to kit yourself out completely head-to-toe in it,  you can simply bring in the odd key piece here and there – that’s the beauty of it. Why not try a field jacket over your tailoring? It’s perfect if you’re often on the run between meetings and don’t want to get caught out in bad weather.