The days when trainers were simply a piece of sportswear are long behind us. Over the years this casual shoe has developed beyond the athletic field to become the modern day sneaker and now a main piece of the street wear uniform. However the big change only took place in recent years, when trainers became an integral part of any modern man’s wardrobe. The surge came around the same time as the launch of the designer trainer market, where the big fashion houses tried their hand at creating a luxury version of the popular sporting piece, an experiment that ended with fantastic collaborations and genius products.

       y3-028-a14-blk_1             y3-027-a14-wht_1

It’s practically become the norm to splurge on a new pair of uber cool treads each season -it’s the male equivalent of the stiletto. Just like with women’s heels there’s always that one trainer that becomes the must-have, and this year my bet’s on the Y3 Yohji Boost. This shoe is well on it’s way to becoming one of the best selling trainers, sitting alongside the likes of Air Jordans, Chuck Taylors and Stan Smiths. People are going to be talking about this trainer for years to come. With the beautiful fusion of Adidas performance and Yamamoto design, what’s not to like about it? Returning after a successful launch last season, it’s distinctive design shows off both it’s athletic attributes, as well as the contemporary design that Yohji Yamamoto brings to the table. If you’re really into running then you’ll probably have already heard of the Boost within the Adidas mainline collection. It’s the revolutionary BOOST™ technology that has peaked everyone’s interest, it’s all about the spongy sole that separates it from other running shoes. Developed together with BASF, the foam base consists of thousands of small energy capsules that store and return energy in every step – basically it gives you a super bouncy stride, which is good for you. The Yohji Boost is based on the pure Boost tooling which permits a feeling of nothing between foot and foam, making for a very comfortable ride.


 This season we have two different styles of the Yohji Boost in; the neoprene option and the mesh. The black micromesh neoprene makes for a sleeker look but the monochrome printed mesh makes more of a statement. So within this one trainer you have mesh or neoprene, nappa suede and foam, which makes for a wonderful concoction. It’s not just the exterior of this shoe that’s distinctive, the Boost doesn’t feature the typical insole and is instead made up of the bare basics, with just a rubber mesh base that sits directly on the foam sole – this aids for a more springy step and looks pretty cool too.

     boost_back       boost_insole

So there you have it, the Y3 Yohji Boost in all it’s glory  and all the components that make it unique. It’s a versatile trainer that answers the call for luxury sportswear this season, this is a piece which transitions from high fashion to streetwear with ease. There is something to note however – this trainer may feature the BOOST™ technology but aspects of it are purely there for aesthetics, so it wont perform (athletically) as well as a pair of authentic Adidas. Now it’s just down to making the decision between the two styles…or if you’re like us and are completely besotted with them, just get a set of both!