A new name for us this season and exclusive to our Bath store, Acne Studios is quickly becoming one of the hottest brands in men’s fashion. Another Scandinavian success story, it’s located in the heart of Old Town Stockholm and is a fine example of that recognisable no-fills-attached-contemporary style that the Northerners are known for. Some of you may remember Acne Studios back when it was just plain old Acne, you might even still have a pair of jeans from about 10 years ago that you’re still wearing. It’s been around since ’96 and made it’s mark amongst the fashion elite, but it’s really blown up in the past few years, becoming one of the most sort after menswear brands. For a label which never wanted to land in the world of fashion – wanting to stay on the outside with their alternative lifestyle – they’ve ended up doing pretty well for themselves.

Founded by Creative Director Jonny Johansson, who drove all his interests in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture into his brand, developing a crisp modern fashion house. It’s got that quintessential Scandinavian style that has taken the fashion world by storm, Acne Studios depicts the lifestyle of a modern creative, with it’s alternative silhouettes and clean colour palette. It’s name may bring back memories we thought we’d long left behind (along with the porn mags under your mattress and sleeping for 15 hours a day), Acne isn’t exactly an endearing name for a fashion brand, but Johansson made it cool with his desirable designs, and told us it actually stood for Ambition to Create Novel Expression…however after a few years ‘Studios’ was added to it’s title, making it seem less prepubescent and far more distinguished.

ja020-a14-blk_1        ja023-a14-blk_1

Comprising of both mens and womenswear collections, with accessories and footwear thrown in there too, it’s actually the denim range which really got Acne Studios on it’s feet. Johansson found success within this highly competitive area of the industry, with the ‘generic’ unisex five pocket jean that isn’t particularly effected by the lasted denim trends, so has been a booming success over the past 10 years. The black jeans are one of our key pieces that we have in for this season, and will be a must for any fashion aficionado. The AW14 collection has been inspired by his (Jonny Johansson’s) time spent on the rocky Scandinavian beaches of his home country, the colour palette reflects the wintery beach scene with subtle washed out shades. With an emphasis on functionality, the pieces are realistic in that you could easily wear them every day. Beautiful simplistic pieces that incorporate custom developed materials, with an emphasis on tailoring and attention to detail.


So that’s our newest addition for this season, which is exclusive to our Bath store.

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