When it comes down to basics in men’s fashion we tick off the white cotton t-shirt, blue denim jeans and the classic fine knit. Sometimes we forget that the polo shirt is just as much a key component as a crew-neck tee, and is available just as readily. It’s one of those articles of clothing that can literally be worn in all situations, from contemporary smart to casual sportswear, the possibilities are endless. This is probably why we all have so many of them and still continue to buy more each season – they’re not going to loose any value over time so why the hell not!

It may seem a little over-the-top to point out the rules around fit for this piece, but the thing is so many people end up wearing it the completely wrong size that you end up ruining a perfectly good look. It’s either worn so tight that you can see the intimate details of their belly button (way too much for a 9am commute), or too baggy that you end up looking like a gangly teenager who hasn’t quite ‘grown into himself’. First thing to note is the sleeve length, which should roughly hit mid-bicep for the ideal fit. Next is the length of the shirt, so the hem should sit around mid zip level leaving plenty of room to tuck in if you so wish, but also keeps your stomach politely hidden. Obviously we’re all built differently so these rules don’t always work out – my advice would be try two sizes on and get a second opinion.

What’s on offer? First you’ve got to decide between long sleeve or short sleeve. Long sleeve has become increasingly popular the past few seasons, it’s no longer something which you associate with the elderly or Europeans (that may just be my personal opinion, not universal). It’s the perfect choice for Autumn/ Winter, providing enough cover to keep you warm but not too thick that you can’t layer it. Beyond sleeve length you’ve got these staple categories; the plain pique with the chest logo, the striped number, the knitted, and then the more adventurous prints. We’ve put together a few key looks which fully display the Polo’s versatility and ability to work with all aspects of your wardrobe, but these are just a handful of what this season has to offer – Discover AW14 Polo Shirts here


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Plain Polo Shirt (Stone Island, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste Live)

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Long Sleeved Polo Shirt (Burberry Brit, Paul Smith PS, Vivienne Westwood)

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Patterned and Printed Polo Shirts (Burberry Brit, Paul & Shark, Lyle & Scott)