The leather jacket is more than a piece of clothing, it’s an item which has this ability to change the person who’s wearing it. I’m don’t mean in some crazy Jackal and Hyde transformation – well I hope not anyway – but the leather jacket somehow invokes confidence in the wearer and transforms an outfit to something a little bit more. You could describe it as an armour for the modern man, pulling on your leather jacket brings a tougher edge to your look and emits a stronger attitude.


It’s an iconic piece that has earned it’s status when it was built into the signature looks of many of the big screen icons; James Dean, Marlon Brando and even John Travolta in Grease (come on, we’ve all secretly wished we were THAT cool). That’s only to name a few of the ‘classics’, you could look at any style icon past or present – Ryan Gosling, David Beckham or even Robert Patterson – and see them rocking a leather jacket at some point. Even though I’ve described it as this edgy piece that seems to toughen up your look, don’t mistake me by thinking that this is the only look you can gain from it, the options are endless with different vibes coming from different styles – Rockability from the biker jacket with it’s open zip and epaulettes, effortlessly cool from the bomber and just raw masculinity from the likes of the pocketed Belstaff.

   james-dean             killers


Picking your first leather jacket is a seminal moment and one which shouldn’t be rushed. Remember this is a timeless piece which you can keep for decades without needing to worry about it fading out of style (I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of people out there who are still wearing their jackets from the 80s, or before). Picking the style is completely up to personal preference and what you want from the piece, but one thing that cannot be bypassed is the fit. You don’t want to end up with a jacket that just doesn’t quite sit right, it’ll loose some of it’s best qualities and you’ll end looking like a right prat. It should hug your shoulders not hang off them, finish at the waist and the sleeves should not need to be rolled up at any point. Unlike a blazer or shirt, a leather cannot be altered by a tailor – remember that. Another thing to ponder is colour, do you go with the staple black but with the possibility of looking like a bit like a wannabe Brandon Flowers, a softer and more earthy shade of brown, navy (see Armani Jeans) or something trend-driven like ox-blood (see BLK DNM)? All of these shades have the same versatility and have the ability to be worn with pretty much anything. Lets be honest, there really isn’t much that you can’t wear with a leather jacket….plaid/ stripe/ spot shirt, every kind of t-shirt, formal trousers, jeans even shorts.

So far this season we’ve had 8 very different leather jackets in from the likes of Belstaff, Armani Jeans, Burberry Brit, Paul Smith, BLK DNM and Antony Morato. Whether you’re after a big iconic label like Belstaff who are known for their fantastic leather outerwear, or you want something fresh and new from the likes of New York inspired BLK DNM, this jacket going to be your failsafe piece that will become your new best friend. That is until another beauty catches your eye and before you know you end up building a rather exquisite collection of leather jackets


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