I’ve been talking about the transitional stage of the year for a good month or so now, which realistically was a tad early but due to the horrid weather during August it felt warranted. Technically this is the true transition, we’re only a matter of days away from the official start of Autumn and the weather seems to be reflecting it… Autumn is probably my favourite time of the year, summer’s always great but I look forward to the leaves changing colour, and the drop in temperature is the sign to pull out my boots and scarves once again. In my eyes there’s nothing better than a chilly sunny Autumn’s day where you need to wear a decent jacket, boots and a scarf, but you also can’t leave the house without your shades. With all that in mind, it’s time to start piecing together a wardrobe which can tackle the transition with ease and style.

It’s time to embrace the lightweight knitwear – we’re not quite at the chunky stage just yet – sturdy workmen boots and functional jackets. But there are a few key pieces that should definitely be making it onto your Autumnal Wish List, here are our top 5 essentials that shouldn’t be missed.



It literally owns this season. If there’s one piece that screams ‘It’s Autumn’, it’s the gillet. It’s the best time of year for it, you can throw it on over anything just to stay warm, but not totally cocooned like you would in a full-blown winter coat. If it’s not that chilly out you can even wear it over a polo shirt, but a nice patterned knit is always the best look.

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Socks are back in our lives! After a summer of bare feet and sockless slip ons, it’s time to get them back on your feet and back into a pair of boots. Don’t get me wrong I love a good chelsea boot but for right now I’m definitely favouring the lace up. There’s something more rustic about a sturdy pair of worker boots, throw on a jumper, jeans and gillet and you’re all set for a casual weekend look. Remember shoes are investments, you need to pay the price for quality, which may give be painful at the time but you wont regret it after months of good wear.

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After years spent in fashion exile the roll neck is back and it’s dominating for late Autumn through into the depths of winter. It’s been designed for warmth so there’s your first key selling point, beyond that it’s actually a very flattering and versatile article. It has that European suave yet chic feel about it, especially on those with a smaller frame who are going down the more high fashion/ creative route. But there’s also an air of masculinity about the roll neck that suits those who are bulky and aren’t looking for anything too fancy. A fine knit black roll neck has that contemporary smart look which paired with a blazer or suit, gives off a very dapper appeal for a cold day. Then you’ve got the chunky knit which is a little more apres’ ski or countryside wanderer, but still looks cracking underneath an outdoors jacket (hello Barbour).

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Keep it light, nothing too chunky for too early on in the season or you might find yourself sweating profusely before you’ve even left the house. The likes of Burberry Brit, Polo Ralph Lauren and J Lindeberg always deliver when it comes to classic fine knits, but for something a little different head towards Moschino and Paul Smith.

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Blend in with the fallen leaves in a rusty shade of orange. Give the rich earthy colours of the season a chance, whether it’s a deep burgundy or a rustic auburn, these are the old school colours of the Autumn. There’s always one or two key colours that trend each year, but aside those these natural shades of Autumn will forever be present. Embrace it.

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