This gentleman is nothing but a legend when it comes to mens fashion. He may have set out with dreams of becoming a professional cyclist – which were unfortunately quickly snuffed out after an accident – but he ended up becoming a leader in the world of British fashion instead, earning himself a knighthood for his 40 years of hard work. For those who don’t know the background story, I’ll give you a (very) quick synopsis of how Paul Smith transformed from a young cyclist, into the top designer he is today. So after spending some time in hospital after his accident, he was introduced into the local art scene, which got those creative juices flowing, which led to him opening his own boutique. Deciding he wanted to sell his own line of clothing, he joined an evening class and learnt how to tailor. The likes of George Best started wearing his suits, and within 7 years of opening his first store he was showing his debut collection in Paris. From then onwards for the next four decades Paul Smith’s name spread throughout the industry, announcing him as one of the must-have designer labels out there.

Enough about the past though, I want to have a look at what Sir Paul has created this season. We’re HUGE fans of Paul Smith here at JA, with a longstanding relationship with the brand, we always look forward to seeing what he’s come up with each season. As you know we hold both the PS and Paul Smith Jeans collections, as well as his range of accessories and shoes. Firstly you need know that both names are very different. PS is a diffusion line which takes the essence of the men’s catwalk collection, toning it down and making it into a wardrobe which is both trend-driven and wearable. It’s got everything you need to fill your wardrobe; shirts, knitwear, suiting and outerwear. The Paul Smith Jeans collection is far more casual, designed to encompass both classic pieces – such as polo shirts, denim and hoodies – with modern edgy silhouettes and prints. Offering both basic casualwear as well as the more modern streetwear-inspired pieces, opens up the range to a whole wider audience – both you and your Dad could be wearing the same label…


He was first inspired by the world of art back in his early years, but it’s continuously contributed to his work over the decades. This year it’s iconic British artist Patrick Caulfield’s bold colour palette and distinctive style that has made it’s way into Paul Smith’s PS Collection. The base colours are fairly wintery with black hues, rich damson and deep navy, but it’s given up lift with an infusion of bright fuchsia and orange in some beautiful eye-catching prints. The knitwear is traditional with a splash of his signature ‘twist’, metallic wools and monotone patterns make for a nice change to the typical cable knits you usually see this time of year (not that there’s anything wrong with that). There are some fantastic traditional silhouettes here, approachable styles that are on trend but not over the top.

ps006-a14-pur_1  ps024-a14-nvy_1  ps902-a14-blk_5

Inspiration for Paul Smith Jeans has come from Drop City, an artists’ commune formed back in the Sixties in Southern Colorado. The community were  huge fans of geodesic domes – which are basically freestanding constructions comprised of geometric panels – and so this range has been built with these angular lines and geometric shapes in mind. Shirts emblazoned with strange motifs, vintage Colorado t-shirts, flecked knitwear and the standard zebra logo embellished polo shirts, are the key to this season’s selection.

psj033-a14-nvy_1  psj025-a14-ind_1  psj037-a14-ecr_1


Paul Smith is an essential for any style aware gent, it’s like a basic for anyone who is building a new wardrobe from scratch. Every needs a little bit of this iconic designer. His approach to menswear is relatable, creating a melange of classic English tailoring with young, fresh and modern designs. He was a tailor first and foremost, with a keen eye for fit and proportion so expect only the best from Paul Smith suiting – if you don’t want anything too uptight but still undeniably dapper, this is the way to go. This gentleman has great sense of humour when it comes to design. It’s all about ‘Classic with a twist’… Follow him on Instagram and you’ll get an insight into the wonderful world of Paul Smith

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