“You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” Brooke Shields

When it comes to Calvin Klein it doesn’t always have to come down to getting naked – or the process of it – beyond the beautiful models and their near perfect sculpted bodies, is a line of clothing that is simple and surprisingly unbranded. We all know CK for that waistband sticking out of the top of someone’s jeans, and the campaigns that promoted them became nothing short of legendary. No matter whether it was man or woman, these campaigns were always incredibly sexy and controversial, but not in some sleazy way. This season we’re welcoming Calvin Klein menswear into the John Anthony fold, and from what I’ve seen so far it’s look pure and understated.

CK hit the scene around the same time as Mr Ralph Lauren, a time when things within the fashion world were this new ‘designer lifestyle’ was emerging. It was all about the minimalist all-American designs, very clean and simple. Since then he’s built an entire empire of luxury goods including a hugely successful fragrance line, plus watches, underwear and kidswear. Klein truly is the brand, selling his own lifestyle and vision under his own name, you get to see the world through his eyes. It seems cruel to say that it’s his ‘models’ which he’s known for more so than his creations, but at the end of the day he’s selling the whole package. He’s made people’s careers with his provocative campaign imagery, Marky Mark jumped into those tighty-whiteys at a time when his music career was dropping off but soon after the movie offers came rolling in….You may have seen that Justin Bieber has become the latest controversial celebrity to don the boxers, a result which I’ll leave up to you to judge. Even the likes of Sons of Anarchy frontman Charlie Hunnam is jumping in on it as the face of CK’s Reveal fragrance – which sees him cosying up with a half naked Victoria’s Secret model, lucky man.

                               jb_Ck               mark_ck

Calvin Klein retired ten years ago now, and the man behind the menswear collection is Italo Zucchelli who worked alongside Klein before he left the company. The uniformed S15 collection is very plain, focusing more on the fit than any frills or such. The colour palette is subtle, sticking with the classics shades of navy, black, white and nude, with the odd splash of bright red, yellow or orange. Colours which you can’t really go wrong with, and  universally are well worn. The details are in the fabric itself, so taking a look at a navy crew neck jumper and you see this beautiful woven knit that’s so fine and ideal for the season. The collection may be small this season but our buyers have bought in the best just so you can have a taste for this impressive designer label – check back soon for more new arrivals from Calvin Klein.