This week we’re welcoming an old friend back to JA, the Leicester-based and royal approved, Wolsey. If you’re fairly new to us then Wolsey may be unfamiliar to you, but for our long standing clients you’ll remember this one well. Or if you’re a keen golfer, like many of our JA managers are, you may have already come across it on the fairway. It was only last year that their popular golfing range was relaunched, making it the perfect time for us to welcome them back!

For those of you who appreciate a little history in your wardrobe Wolsey will be right up your street. It’s been named as one of Britain’s oldest clothing labels with a heritage that stretches back to 1705. 18th century Leicester was the home to a father and son business which produced knitted hosiery and underwear, a business which still stands there today. Since then Wolsey have experimented a lot beyond knitted smalls and tights, creating clothing for all manner of gentlemen over the years. Wolsey could perhaps be described as quite a reserved label with it’s traditional styles and subtle branding, but what it lacks in self promotion it makes up for in rich history. Having dressed explorers, gentlemen, sportsmen (US open winner Tony Jacklin), soldiers and royalty (they’ve got the Royal warrant) at some point in their history, it’s quite a testament to the quality and reliability of their work, as well as the general consensus that it must appeal to all.




They draw inspiration from the past, using military and work uniforms as a base to their collections. But don’t go thinking it’s drab – because it isn’t -Wolsey has that timeless appeal that important to any lifestyle label (look at Polo Ralph Lauren, Sunspel and J Lindeberg). I think the true sign of style is having the ability to blend the most up-to-date trends with classic silhouettes and patterns, which is why little companies like Wolsey have continued to grow throughout time.

It’s a small collection of pieces we’re stocking this season (with more still to come in), consisting of comfort classics like knitted pullovers and waterproof field jackets. It’s in the details where you see the quality and craftsmanship, for example to field jacket features fully taped seams for waterproofing and micro fleece lined pockets for warm in the wet. Thoughtful aren’t they? These are easy-to-wear pieces of comfort that should be described as understated and versatile – something you’d expect Daniel Craig (or 007 himself) to wear. It’s the perfect time of year for such pieces, things which can be easily layered and are both stylish and protective against the harsh February.