February isn’t just about heart shaped chocolates and stacks of pancakes, it also marks the start of the awards season. With the BAFTAs already done and dusted, and the Oscars coming up at the end of the month, cinematography is all anyone is talking about. Belstaff are celebrating the season in their own way, with the launch of their Hollywood Rebels campaign, which documents 21 men and women who have made their mark in the business.

Belstaff‘s own philosophy has always revolved around the free spirited, the adventurers and the non-conformists. Basically they love themselves a rebel. The likes of the old school rebels – Marlon Brando, James Dean and Steve McQueen – have always played a poignant part within the brands identity.

“Belstaff celebrates those who have forged their own path in film and have changed attitudes – and fashion – forever.”

A limited edition newspaper has been printed for the occasion with only 1000 made, we’re displaying a small collection in our stores. Of the 21 rebels, we’ve pulled out the top 10 blokes who have donned a Belstaff for the big screen over the decades. You’ll notice that they feature in some pretty big movies – awarding winning too – and have sat on the backs of the kings of Hollywood. But this isn’t just about who wore them, it’s about the versatility and broad presence of these jackets. They may have a motorcycle history but it’s not the only form of transport a Belstaff can be worn on; jump on a plane, fly around in a robotic suit, cruise in the Bat-mobile or just wander the streets with your dog….the options really are endless. Some of the styles which have made the list were custom made for the film, but the others have been adapted from their signature styles; the Panther, Trailmaster, Racemaster and H Racer are among them. The fact that Belstaff jackets have played a part in so many big budget movies proves the general wearability of each piece. It’s something that a mercenary wears on his down-time, there’s no special occasion for it. It’s just a damn nice jacket. Which is why many of them are available to buy either in their original state or an updated and inspired design…


panther aviator

racemaster hero

dodge hracer

trialmaster IRONMAN

mutt knight




bs004-s15-blk_1    bs002-s15-olv_1    bs005-s15-nvy_1

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