We’ve been a stockist of Cruyff Classic trainers for a long time now, and firmly believe in the design and passion that’s put into them. They sit exceptionally well alongside the likes of Y3, Creative Recreation and Lacoste, who all bring something different to the table. Cruyff bring an authentic athletic look, using the traditional football silhouettes they’re the perfect casual shoe. For those who didn’t already know (or guessed), Cruyff Classics is the brainchild of the Dutch football star Johan Cruyff. This is the same man who dominated both European and world football during the seventies, with numerous championships under his belt as both a player and a manager, he didn’t stop when he retired. Setting up not only a sportswear label, the three time European Player of the Year has built an empire under his name with the Cruyff Institute, Cruyff Foundation, Cruyff Football and Cruyff Library. So he’s been fairly busy since retiring from the game, but he’s never left his football identity behind, incorporating his passion for the sport into all aspects of his life.


In 1974 Johan Cruyff was playing for his national team and decided to design his own shirt for the Netherlands squad. It was an instant hit. This success spurred him on to create his own sophisticated sportswear line. Which he achieved in Barcelona in 1979. Cruyff asked his friend designer Emilio Lazzarinni to develop a functional and elegant brand of sportswear for the technical player. And so Cruyff Classics was born. Eliminating the frumpy styles that were often associated with the sport, he focused on creating luxury pieces specifically for the football enthusiasts. Beyond the classic styles which were strongly inspired by traditional football silhouettes, other designs offered a broader look which still felt sufficiently on point with his identity. It’s been said that this lifestyle brand was the originator of the football luxury movement, kick starting the terrace trend which you still see today. Fashion for the football mad.

            johan          crf008

This season we have 5 distinguishable styles, the Vanenburg, Santi, Pelota, Recopa and Puente. Each design doesn’t seem to age with the seasons, instead a new colourway or detail appears to only improve the timeless style. Before I leave you with a selection of the Spring range, I just want to point out that although they may come from a football heritage, they aren’t just football trainers and can be worn in all manner of ways. Try them with chinos, a classic t-shirt and bomber jacket….looks pretty good.


crf005-s15-blk_1  crf001-s15-wht_1  crf002-s15-bur_1  crf006-s15-blk_1

(Recopa, Puente, Santi, Pelota)