The gap between high-end fashion and streetwear has gotten so small that they’re almost touching. Modern fashion blends the unlikely two together which is what makes the distinctive look so contemporary. These are two styles which have always been the polar opposite of each other, one representing tradition and a world of luxury, and the other offering something more raw but relaxed. At some point the two decided to meet somewhere between the office foyer and the warehouse district, forming an understanding that enabled us to embrace both worlds in one. So with that in mind, I bring a new brand to your attention. Filling Pieces is a high-end – but not eye wateringly expensive – streetwear inspired footwear label from Amsterdam. Making it’s mark only 5 years ago, the guys have stormed onto the scene and continue to grow within the industry.

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Guillaume Philibert is the man behind the brand. A guy who went to University to study architecture but ended up building his own luxury footwear label. Stranger things have happened. In 2009 the first collection was born, consisting of a single silhouette: the ‘Low Top‘. Most people have a preference when it comes to the cut of their trainers, you’re either a low, mid or high top kinda guy, but the best thing about FP is that they create each signature style in the 3 heights to satisfy all tastes. Philibert designed a unique silhouette, focusing on the tongue of the shoe because of the way that many people were disregarding it as a feature, and allowing their jeans/trousers to conceal it. You’ll notice that a FP trainer has a triangular tongue so that you can wear your trousers tucked behind it, showing off your kicks completely unencumbered. A variety of textures and colour-ways are always up for grabs, from pleated leather to handwoven and de-bossed bodies, all handmade from premium materials in Portugal. Something which we greatly appreciate.

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FP has a strong vision which has aided in it’s success these past seasons, but the distinctive style has slowly been picked up amongst the masses and attention has been drawn down to our feet. As soon as you’ve got a recognisable design, you know you’ve created something people like. A few people who are happy to endorse FP are P-Diddy, music producer Swizz Beatz, Dutch football Gregory van der Wiel and singer Chris Brown. Not a bad crowd to be sharing footwear style with.

FP is now stocked globally, with 30 different countries holding the brand in the big name stores, to the smaller but equally as impressive indies – like us! As I write this we have four AMAZING styles in, but there are still more to come….so keep your eye on our social media for the announcement of new arrivals.

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