What’s that saying, ‘The suns out, so get your guns out’? Sounds about right, even thought I’m not entirely in agreement with it, but when the heat goes up it’s inevitable that some skin is going to be on show. One of the go-to choices around this time of year is the polo shirt, a classic and timeless number which we can all admit to owning. I personally love the polo mainly because of it’s diverse nature, appealing to literally every category of man out there, whether it’s festival bound teens or golf playing gents, it’s an easy one to appreciate. And due to it’s mass appeal, you can always count on an extensive range of styles hanging on the rails each season.

This season there’s enough options to suit everyone, from classic Polo Ralph Lauren piques to the old school revival of the knitted polo from the likes of Paul Smith, and the patterns, prints and colour palettes are endless. We’re all well acquainted with it but that doesn’t mean everyone gets it right. There’s always those few who you see walking around in an ill-fitted polo shirt each summer, with half their back on show because it’s just too short or wearing them so tight you can see ribs. Not a good look. All you need to do is remember a couple of things and it’s all golden.

A few things to note from friend to friend….

If you wave your arms in the air and your belly button is on show, it’s too short.

If you’re tucking it in but there’s so much material your chinos are bunching up like you’re wearing a nappy, it’s too long.

Polos with only two buttons are ideal for wearing unbuttoned, but those which have a long placket or are zipped should not be worn open. They aren’t designed to be worn with half your chest on show. Keep it covered.

If a breeze can’t move your shirt, it’s probably bit too tight. It’s fine for it to be fitted across the chest, but when it’s like a second skin on the stomach, you should jump up a size.

You’re arms are looking fantastic and you understandably want to show them off, so a tighter sleeve cap is the go-to. However don’t go so tight that it looks like your circulation could be cut off. It doesn’t look as good as you think.

The final result when it comes to styling a polo shirt are as endless as the shades it’s available in. It’s made to be a casual piece, something to wear on the weekends during some much needed downtime. Saying that it still looks pretty good with a blazer jacket and trousers, bringing an air of cool casual to an otherwise slick look. You can wear it with chinos, bermuda shorts, jeans, joggers and even jersey shorts, the possibilities make it seem even more appealing. We’ve put together a few looks which show off it’s versatile nature for the coming months…


A Smarter Edge



(Lacoste Live, J Lindeberg, J Lindeberg, Hudson)

The Classic

rlp002-a15-nvy_1    ps018-s15-blu_1    bsw001-s15-brn_1

(Polo Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith PS, Bass Weejuns)

Ultimate Casual

rlp013-s15-aqu_1 ls015-s15-gry_1 di003-s15-den_1 y3-017-s15-blk_1

(Polo Ralph Lauren, Lyle & Scott, Diesel, Y3)

The Cool Kid

wsy008-s15-blu_1    nud014-s15-blk_1    gr006-s15-blk_1

(Wolsey, Nudie Jeans, Grenson)

Vacation vibes

ps009-s15-blu_1     bur026-s15-plg_1    ca020-s15-blk_1

(Paul Smith PS, Burberry Brit, Carven)