At this point of the year you really feel the need to make the effort to go outside and enjoy the weather whilst it lasts. Whether it’s heading to the beach or spending some time exploring the countryside, you still need to adapt to your environment. When it comes down to spending time outdoors there’s only one brand that springs to mind; Penfield. The Massachusetts born brand is the definition of functional fashion and it’s all about living ‘Life in the open’.

Harvey Gross was the brains behind the brand, a pioneering figure in the American outerwear industry, he decided to create his own label which provided durable clothing for warmth and protection from the cold New England climate. Over time, Penfield became a leader in the industry with it’s innovative technical fabrics and good quality wear, and then made it’s way across the Atlantic to become equally as successful here. The thing which I appreciate so much about this brand is the commitment to the lifestyle it promotes. The inspiration for each collection comes from the world which it’s built for, the design team create based on what they see ‘out there’ and for it’s intended use. Everything is designed to withstand the diversity of the great outdoors, be it the icy New England winters or the hot Italian summers – this season’s campaign was shot in the Dolomites, surrounded by natural beauty, it’s the perfect location for Penfield.

Shirts2    Sweatshirts

Since 1975 huge advantages have been made in the world of technology and Penfield have stayed with it, continuing to evolve with their fabric developments. Over the years they’ve hosted successful collaborations with the likes of Saucony with their footwear range, which only proves it’s status and respect within the industry. This season the collection draws from it’s heritage as always, but adds a contemporary twist with exotic bold prints. Their range of t-shirts are ideal to get you through the summer, perfect for casual weekends and holidays. And for the chilly evenings sat in the garden, the classic crew neck sweatshirts are exactly what’s needed. We’ve pulled out a few of our favourite pieces and styled them for the summer, showing the versatility and functionality of this American lifestyle brand. Now you’ve got the look, you have no excuse…


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(Penfield, Paul Smith Jeans, Penfield)

pen015-s15-tur_3 nud043-s15-den_1 cre003-a15-wht_1


(Penfield, Nudie Jeans, Creative Recreation)

jl021-s15-red_1 pen017-s15-blu_1 swm003-s15-blk_1

(J Lindeberg, Penfield, Swims)


pen003-s15-nvy_1 lv009-s15-snd_1 bsw001-s15-brn_1

(Penfield, Lacoste Live, Bass Weejuns)



pen008-s15-nvy_1 nud016-a14-wht_1 fps006-s15-nvy_1

(Penfield, Nudie Jeans, Filling Pieces)