Appearing cool when you’re not isn’t an easy task. It’s easy to let your style go awry when it’s hot outside and stay in that ‘holiday mode’ in flip flops and shorts. However for those who rely on looking neat and presentable on a daily basis, it’s important to adjust your wardrobe for the heat. No one wants to be smothered by layers of fabric acting like an electric blanket in a sauna, but wearing a suit doesn’t mean you have to break you into a sweat.

You’ve only got to look at the Italian gents sipping their Espressos in 40 degree heat, to realise looking suave and sophisticated is still possible even when you could fry an egg on the pavement. You see, the European’s know how to adapt their signature styles for the summer heat, which I’m ashamed to say we as Brits can often struggle to comprehend – but I blame that on the unreliability of our nation’s weather. So how do you get that disregarding Parisian chic or that nonchalant Italian slick? Easy, you just need to do a little remodelling….



I will always rant and rave about the benefits of owning a plain crew neck t-shirt in at least two colours (white and black). And it’s exactly for this type of situation that you’ll realise how much of an investment they were. A t-shirt doesn’t have to just be for layering or wearing to the pub and gym, it’s the perfect alternative4 to a shirt on a hot day. You can’t go wrong with a white crew neck under a classic suit, removing the tie gives a more relaxed feel but it still looks damn good.


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(Paul Smith PS, Calvin Klein, Paul Smith PS, Bass Weejuns)


We all have this preconception that suits must be paired with something equally as traditional like a set of brogues or classic derbys, but that’s not so true anymore. I’ve always loved this look, it’s modern and shows the progression menswear has made to incorporate something so casual into such a dapper ensemble. Keep that smart aspect with the jacket and bottoms, but casual it up with a t-shirt and plain white sneakers.


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(Creative Recreation, Oliver Spencer, Sunspel)


If you’re going to a business meeting or formal event, you can’t start rolling your sleeves up when the pressure peaks – doesn’t look great and it creases your shirt up a treat. Put the long sleeves away for a few months and bring in nice short sleeved button down shirt. It’s a little less fabric to worry about, you still look smart and it looks great without the jacket!


ps006-a15-ecr_1 ps003-s15-blu_1ps023-s15-blu_1 hu005-s15-brn_1

(Paul Smith Ps, Hudson Shoes)


Step it up for the evenings and special occasions with a touch of tux. To be honest there’s not much you can change about this look for the warmer months, but I will say the fabric is light and as long as you keep the layers to a minimum, you should stay cool. A pair of leather loafers are a great alternative to the typical dress shoes, and with a little length knocked off the trouser leg it can add that summer touch.


jl001-s15-nvy_1 vw034-s15-wht_1  gr006-a15-blk_1


(J Lindeberg, Vivienne Westwood, Grenson)