The simple aesthetic of the Scandinavian lifestyle has continued to prove it’s popularity, with more and more new Nordic brands taking the fashion world by storm. But before the likes of Acne Studios and Norse Projects hit the scene, J Lindeberg was already waving the flag for the Northern reaches of Europe with it’s honest approach to wearable fashion. The eponymous brand founded by Johan Lindeberg in 1996, quickly grabbed the attention of it’s homeland of Sweden and eventually word spread and it crossed international waters. What kick started the brand was a motorcycle tour of Europe, where Johan envisioned a clothing line which depicted his lifestyle and his home. Resigning from his role as Marketing Director at mega-brand Diesel, Lindeberg built his brand on an ethos which would see a bridge between fashion and function, two things which have made it so successful against the less functional high fashion labels.

The thing about J Lindeberg is that it translates to all tastes, personalities and ages making it’s a universal label, one which both you and your Dad could easily be wearing. No wonder it’s having a moment right now, in a time where people are split between the fast pace of ‘disposable fashion’ and the more timeless investments, J Lindeberg is a high fashion label which is accessible to all. The Swedish brand is split between it’s fashion range and it’s sportswear (golf and ski), offering a little something for all occasions. At it’s core it’s really a lifestyle brand, creating for the modern man and his active lifestyle. You can rock a dapper suit during the day, change into a nice woven knit for the evening, don a classic polo shirt for a weekend of golf and pull on your ski jacket for a trip to the slopes. They’ve really got it all covered.


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Gradually expanding their presence across Europe and into America, you frequently see J Lindeberg on the back of some A list celebrity in a glossy magazine. If it’s not Bradley Cooper or Jeremy Piven, it’s one of their ambassadors wearing it on the golf course, like PGA stars Camilo Villegas and Jamie Donaldson. J Lindeberg was one of the most brands to bring fashion into sportswear, bringing a contemporary touch to the traditional golfing looks but still honouring the sportswear aesthetic.

Johan Lindeberg left after 12 years and went on to set up new label BLK DNM over in New York. Jessy Hevelink, who previously worked at Adidas, now holds the title of Head of Design at J Lindeberg and has continued to honour it’s heritage but with his own modern approach. This season’s collection was titled ‘Visions of Space’, with inspiration coming from the book ‘This is Mars’, it’s got an aspect of science fiction with the abstract prints but also this strong rock n roll vibe coming from the leather and nylon jackets. It’s all about combining traditional elements with something unique and relevant to the modern lifestyle. The sharp tailoring remains a constant faithful, always a great choice when it comes down to well fitted and well made suiting. Overall it’s another successful collection from the Swedish label, one which is sure to be picked up by more big names as well as us normal folk!


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