One of the most crucial pieces of the summer – and one which can go drastically wrong – is men’s swim wear. We’ve all sat poolside people watching and wondering why on earth that guy chose to wear the smallest pair of trunks available – step away from the budgie smugglers! Very few people can actually pull them off, so unless you’re an olympic diver or have the luxury of a private pool, stick to shorts – even Bond has graduated from briefs to shorts.

Just like Goldilocks with her porridge, you need to find something just right for you, nothing too baggy and nothing too tight. We’ve all moved past the board short look – unless you’re a surfer – and are opting for something a bit shorter, neater and more refined. Tailored shorts have become increasingly popular, offering something which translates from poolside to lunch at the bar, just throw a t-shirt or polo on over the top and you’re good to go. There’s also this incredible mix of cool designs out there, from landscape photography to wild jungle prints, it breathes life into this important but often neglected area of men’s fashion. We’ve broken down our collection of swimwear into 4 simple categories, so just choose your style:


Elasticated – Long

The general consensus when it comes to length is that those with longer legs are more likely to pull off a long pair of shorts, compared to the shorter man who will suit a more cropped pair. So if you’re taller a pair of these will be ideal, stopping a few inches above the knee, it’s a flattering length. The elasticated waist with drawstring fastening is a classic style, but remember they should fit you like a pair of chinos would – fitted but not too tight that it leaves nothing to the imagination.


si023-s15-dbl_1  ls046-a15-nvy_1  rlp081-s15-blu_1

(Stone Island, Lyle & Scott, Polo Ralph Lauren)

Elasticated – Short

For those with well-built thighs and a little less height, the shorter cut of this style is going to be ideal. Available in an extensive range of colours – and patterns – you can pick and choose what you want from this swim short.


swm006-s15-nvy_1  bur027-s15-yel_1    au015-s15-blu_1

(Swims, Burberry Brit, Emporio Armani)


In the past few years – probably since the launch of Orlebar Brown – we’ve seen a surge of tailored swim shorts. They offer something more than just swimwear, the more refined fit translates from the beach to the bar, all you need is a t-shirt or polo to throw on. So even though these are created with the water in mind, you don’t actually need to be swimming to wear them.


psa016-s15-blu_1    sun007-s15-sky_1  ob001-a15-blu_1

(Paul Smith Accessories, Sunspel, Orlebar Brown)

Patterns and Prints

Swimwear has evolved so much from the standard classic shades to introduce these amazing geometric, photographic and exotic designs. Hugely popular for Summer ’15, if you like to stay on trend and enjoy standing out, these are the ones for you.


pen019-s15-wht_1  lv012-s15-red_1  ob002-a15-var_1

(Penfield, Lacoste L!ve, Orlebar Brown)