We spoke about the often neglected area of men’s fashion last week when we took a look at this summer’s swimwear collections. Carrying on with that theme, this week we welcomed the most sought-after brand of the summer; Orlebar Brown. Since it’s launched in 2007, this British brand has gone from strength to strength, even making it’s debut on the big screen in the James Bond movie Skyfall. The source of it’s success? Orlebar Brown has essentially revolutionised the often ‘dodgy’ area of men’s swimwear, into something modern and adaptable. It’s changed the world of men’s swimwear.

Photographer Adam Brown is the brains behind the brand, referencing a holiday celebrating a friend’s birthday as the source of his inspiration.

“In 2005 I went on holiday to celebrate a friends 40th birthday in Rajasthan. There were 30 people in the group aged between 25 – 50 years old. Most of them worked in design, took an interest in clothing – but were not obsessed by fashion. Around the pool, the women looked great, the men did not. All were wearing brightly patterned, baggy boxer short styles, briefs or board shorts. The idea for Orlebar Brown became clear when from sitting by the pool, we had to change to have lunch in the bar.”

When you think about it, it’s shocking no one thought about it before. It’s the most critical part of a man’s wardrobe and even if you are ‘beach ready’, there’s always going to be some worry about how you look poolside. So Adam went for a tailored approach, creating a well fitted short that allowed you to wear it post-swim and over into the bar. His concept was based on the idea that it shouldn’t be a pair of swim shorts, it should be a pair of shorts which you can swim in. The collection was initially just shorts, but quickly expanded into a full resort range including t-shirts, linen shirts and polo shirts. The whole collection is inspired by the iconic 1960’s poolside utopia, celebrating the sophistication and elegance of the Riviera and Palm Beach.


Orlebar Brown also boasts their own collection of house materials; linen, pique cotton and terry towelling. A perfect fabric for the heat, linen is always a summer favourite and at Orlebar Brown they encourage that dishevelled, creased appearance – too much folding and ironing can damage the yarn. Their linen is constructed from the flax plant which is grown in Germany, making their linen one of a kind. The gauzy texture allows the skin to breath, keeping you cool even in the toughest conditions. The terry towelling may seem like an odd choice but it’s all about taking you back in time, whether to a childhood family holiday or back to the 50s when it was the height of sophistication. Made of 100% cotton, it’s relaxed, refined and retro – you’ve got to love it just for that. Plus why carry a towel around with you when you can just wear a towel? And finally they’ve got the timeless favourite; pique cotton. Always a great choice when it comes down to a polo shirt and their selection is beautiful.

Orlebar Brown is a fantastic new addition to our growing brand portfolio, and it’s arrived in perfect timing for the holiday season. If you’re shopping for your holiday wardrobe, make sure you include some of the OB resort collection.

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