If you’re like us and have been enjoying the perennial style of Bass Weejuns for quite some time, you’ll understand why we think so highly of this longstanding brand. The makers of the first Penny Loafer, G.H Bass have been producing quality shoes since 1876. It all started in Maine, USA where George Henry Bass was on a mission to make the very best shoe. In 1936 they created the first pair of penny loafers, putting a stylish spin on a Norwegian farm shoe – hence the name ‘Weejuns’ like ‘Norwegians’ – which was designed for ‘loafing in the field’. The Bass Weejun was born.

By the 50s, Weejuns were the shoe of choice when it came to the smart-dressed young man. Over the years, Bass Weejuns have made appearances in some of the most iconic eras of fashion from the swinging 60s through the electric 80s. Anyone who was anyone has slipped on these timeless loafers, from Michael Jackson in the open scenes of Thriller to John F Kennedy. Golfers, explorers, the US. Army, musicians, Olympians and Presidents have all been drawn in by the simple yet effective style of the Weejuns.

jfk    paul_newman

They’ve stayed constant throughout the past 80 years, never wavering in their effortless style and versatility. Wear them with socks (circa 1983 Michael Jackson) or without, they’re easy-to-wear and a bit of a staple in American culture. They always spark images of preppy ivy league guys of the 60s, wandering around the campus with their stack of books, slicked back hair, cuffed trousers and letterman jacket tossed over the shoulder. They’re a small piece of history.

Bass Weejuns are the perfect summer shoe. Something that you can wear to work with a suit, our for a meal and even on holiday with shorts. They’re the type of shoe you invest in, repair when they’ve hit certain mileage mark, carry on wearing for years, and invest in more but perhaps in a different colour? So if you want to walk in the same shoes as JFK, Paul Newman, Michael Jackson and Ryan Gosling, grab yourself a set of Weejuns this summer.

Here are the three signature styles; Larson, Layton and Larkin.

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