If you’re perception of Michael Kors is all watches and accessories, you’re sorely mistaken and you’re missing out on all the best bits from this American designer. He’s one of the BIG ones. You know, the designers who have somehow managed to go from launching a single collection to building an international empire in what seems like a short space of time. Well for MK it all kicked off in the early 80s when he decided to establish his own fashion line, creating an all American look that has appealed to all. The line between smart and casual doesn’t seem to exist with Michael Kors, it’s all blurred into one neat little clean cut package that has been welcomed across the globe. The award winning and internationally recognised designer is finally hitting John Anthony Online, as well as two of our stores this season.

Building a luxury lifestyle empire was always a given when you love the business as much as he does, which is probably why he went on to judge on Project Runway, shaping the future of the industry with his wise words of wisdom – “It was like a hooker convention coming home after a late night” or “He looks like a reggae Jesus” and “I feel like a pope at a sex club”. The son of a model, Michael Kors grew up with a strong eye for fashion and style. He moved across the country growing up, gaining a taste of different lifestyles from the beachy Long Island look to the glamour of LA, which is apparent in his designs. I would describe it as a mix between old school sophistication (think JKF) and that all American-slightly-preppy sports look. Basically it’s a bit of an all-rounder, you could wear MK shirts to work all week and then throw on a MK polo shirt to play golf on Sunday. MK all the way!

Before setting up his own fashion house in 1981, Kors was a college drop out (only lasted a semester and a half at FIT) who had decided he would learn more on the job than he would in a classroom. Working as a salesman in the New York boutique Lothar’s, he continued to design, dress windows and learned the ropes of the business. Now he’s stocked in the hottest cities and all the fashion capitals across the world, from Paris to Dubai, New York to our fair old London town, and now Bath and Southampton! It’s always a big deal when a new brand lands, we all clammer to have the first look at the ‘fresh meat’, especially when you’ve got a name like Michael Kors hitting HQ. So far it’s gone down a treat, we’re appreciating it’s simplicity and clean cut aesthetic as well as it’s obvious wearability. It’s one to watch this season – and to buy…

More Michael Kors will be hitting the site soon, but for now take a look at what the first drop has to offer.


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