Hugo Boss is a luxury fashion house that has come leaps and bounds from the small clothing factory it started off as. It’s now one of the top choices in suiting for men across the world, made with performance and perfection in mind – not too unlike a German car – it’s an investment that you’ll never look back on with regret. For those of you who didn’t know, John Anthony are one of the lucky ones who get to stock this mega-brand in a handful of our stores. For those of you who are new to the Hugo Boss label, I can assure you wont be for long….

HB has a long history which I won’t bore you with, but there are a few things you need to know to get the full picture. It was formed when Hugo Ferdinand Boss opened a clothing factory in 1924 in his hometown of Metzingen, south-west Germany, which is where their HQ is still located. It was mainly a supplier of uniforms until 1950 when it received it’s first suit order. And it’s trademark was established. Over the years Hugo Boss suits have been worn by every male celebrity out there, it’s a rare day when a Boss suit isn’t on the back of an A lister on the red carpet. They’ve kitted out football teams, from their own national team to Manchester City, sport and Hugo Boss go hand in hand. They’ve got a long relationship with Formula 1, sponsoring the McLaren team for over 30 years – it’s a shame Hamilton didn’t pull out one of his Boss suits for Wimbledon, he might have gotten in then. The history for supporting sports events goes beyond F1 to the Davis cup and even the Alex Thomson Racing team – captained by Thomson himself, one of the most decorated yachtsmen out there.

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It all kicked off for them in the 80s when the first branded fragrance was launched, shortly followed by their own sunglasses line. We’ve all seen the adverts, you’ve got the likes of Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds and up-and-coming actor Theo James starring in the campaigns promoting the Man of today – well if that means looking like THAT, getting to blow stuff up, drive fast cars and having both sexes fawning after you, I’m sold on it. Hugo Boss is a truly modern and masculine brand, it’s all about elegance and excellence, a perfect piece of luxury fashion.


Offering 4 unique labels, we stock the best two; Boss Black and Boss Green. What makes them different? Boss Green is all about sportswear, you’ll understand why they support so many teams when you try out their polo shirts, jeans, sweats, t-shirts, trainers, caps and bags. If you’re really into your sports but have a fine appreciation for fashion, this stylish collection of casual apparel will be right up your street. It converges between all manner of sports from golfing to sailing, it’s the ideal weekender. If you’ve got Green for Saturday and Sunday, Boss Black is for Monday through Friday. A premium collection of business wear that focuses on classic elegance with sharp suiting, subtle branded polos, smart denim and formal footwear. It’s a sophisticated selection, the perfect companion for a business trip. It’s a fantastic melange of style, and you can completely understand why gents stay true to this label from their 20s through to their 60s.

Hugo Boss is like a well oiled machine that never fails on quality, always producing classic designs that are a modern man’s best friend. German precision is a wonderful thing.