The likes of streetwear labels, sports collaborations and luxury sneakers lines prove that there’s far more to fashion than just suits and shoes. Fashion is ever evolving, breaking down barriers and scrubbing stereotypes that we may have conformed to before, allowing style to grow beyond that of tradition. Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love a good suit and set of brogues, but I can also appreciate other aspects of fashion that are so readily available now.

Streetwear has a strong presence at London Collections: Men, rightly so as it shows the broad spectrum of style in the UK – we’re not all about Saville Row suits and Downton dickie bows you know. Money Clothing is one of the leading British streetwear brands, with their signature gorilla print available on all manner of casual items from sweatshirts to shorts, it’s an obvious choice for any collaboration between designer and urbanites. The designer who took up the slot is up-comer Bobby Abley, a chap who’s still climbing the ladder but with the help of LC:M, he’s pretty much there. At 25 years old, Abley has shown at the Topshop sponsored MAN show 3 seasons in a row, an opportunity which has led to industry wide exposure and the launch of his own label. The MAN catwalk is a prestigious event, one which has launched the careers of JW Anderson, Agi & Sam and now Bobby Abley.

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Self taught, Abley started making clothes as a teenager before moving to London to pursue his career. His unique charm, wit and humour has led to an unusual trait for Disney prints and teddy bear motifs (in honour of his Mum’s childhood teddy). Obviously nostalgic for simpler times when you could sit back and enjoy a cartoon with only your teddy bear for distraction, his collections are influenced by one iconic story each season; The Little Mermaid and The Jungle Book. Recognised both in London and internationally, the Bobby Abley brand is one we’re all watching with great interest.

Throwing Snow White and streetwear together seems highly unnatural and for some reason inappropriate, but like they always say ‘opposites attract’. I think the ‘weird’ factor is what makes this partnership work. Placing something so light and fluffy with a style which isn’t known for being particularly PG, makes it that much more interesting. It’s not just Snow White’s forest birds making an appearance in the collaboration, Jim Crow (the cigar smoking bird) from Dumbo is also in there somewhere – although I’m yet to locate him. As a complete contrast to the sweet little forest birds, they’ve thrown in some barbed wire print that blends in with the Money camo graphics – all inspired by Maleficent, the not-so-sweet Snow White story that featured Angelina Jolie with horns and wings.

If you’re into streetwear, sports luxe or just appreciate some bold graphics, BAM is going to be right up your street. Bobby Abley X Money: from the magic kingdom to the city’s frontline, it’s pretty damn good.


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