Sweats always used to be reserved for weekends when you’re too hungover to move (or just too lazy) or sick days when you feel too rough to wear anything restricting (because laying on the sofa involves such fluid movement…). Besides the odd ‘casual’ sporting activity, perhaps one which has been forced upon you, there wasn’t really a place for them. However since London hosted the Olympics back in 2012, we’ve seen a resurgence for sports inspired fashion with the sports luxe trend bypassing all other major looks and continuing to stay popular even now.  As soon as the sports luxe trend burst onto the scene things which were once forbidden to ever been worn together – like track pants and office smart jumpers – became the most unlikely of friends. With an update to their cut and fit, sweat pants and sweatshirts are now far more sophisticated and offer both comfort and style.

This week I want to take a look at the new lease of life sweatpants have been given by the luxury labels. Joggers/ track pants/ sweat pants – whatever you choose to call them – haven’t been this cool since David Beckham had long highlighted hair and Victoria Beckham was still only ‘Posh Spice’. Except for a half-resurgence in the early 00s, when the shirts-with-joggers look was introduced by the preppy labels or ‘University outfitters’, sweatpants have remained fairly restricted to your home. I’m personally loving how different it’s been this time around, instead of dressing head-to-toe in an Adidas tracksuit, you get to mix and match with other aspects of your wardrobe. Enjoying the versatility of it.

We’ve put together a few looks which show how to integrate track bottoms into your style, both casually and slightly smarter for that sports luxe look. I think the trick is to forget that they’re ‘sporty’, and just treat them like a normal pair of bottoms. It’s not like the sack-like joggers The Fresh Prince used to wear, everything has had that modern nip-tuck for a far more flattering appearance.


Creative Recreation, J Lindeberg, Lacoste, Stone Island

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Paul Smith Jeans, Stone Island, Lacoste, Y3



Filling Pieces, Y3, Moschino, Michael Kors

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