It may be premature but I’ve already packed away the shorts, vests and sandals. Call me a pessimist if you want, but I can’t see us wearing them again this year unless you’re jetting off to somewhere outside of the UK. Farewell Summer, it’s been swell but I’m ready for Autumn now. Anyone who’s been within 5 feet of me this past week will know that I’m bloody excited for this season and couldn’t wait to wave goodbye to August. I’m a true advocate of Autumn, I love that icy bite in the air first thing in the morning, the darker evenings, the leaves changing, the bonfire night feast, the Halloween craziness and most of all the fashion.

When I think of Autumnal fashion I instantly think of that rusty orange colour – the leaves – and then brushed cotton check shirts. Checks/ tartan/ plaid are the most prominent patterns of the season, and bring a nice bit of heritage to our wardrobes – whether you’re into that or not, it’s there. There’s a huge variety available out there, from smarter tartans playing homage to the Scots, to checked red shirts playing homage to the lumberjacks. But this doesn’t have to mean that all tartans are smart, just take a look at Barbour and their signature jacket linings, or that all checks are casual. So you’re either after a check – the solid squares in two block colours – or a traditional tartan (plaid to Americans) – a more intricate pattern made up of lines and squares – for this seasonal look. There’s always something about tartan that reminds me of Christmas, that and shortbread tins, all positive associations in my book which allow me to comfortably endorse it.

It’s always important to wear them in moderation though, you don’t need to dress head to toe in it to play the part. Shirts or overshirts are [unsurprisingly] the most popular choices, just because they’re so versatile and easy to wear/ style. I like that these guys can be worn in a casual manner – jeans, pub, drinks, mates – as well as the smarter look – blazer, restaurant, fancy food, the in-laws. The colour palette tends to be quite dark with navys, greens, blues and deep reds generally ruling the print, this makes it much easier to pair with the rest of your wardrobe.

We’ve put together a few looks using our favourite seasonal patterns….embrace the Autumn.


LOOK #1 with Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Versace Collection, Hudson 

vwa013-a15-bbk_1 vjm001-a15-blk_1 hu004-a15-blk_1

LOOK #2 with Dsquared, Armani Jeans, Paul Smith Jeans

ds020-a15-red_1 ajm034-a15-brn_1 psj045-a15-nvy_1

LOOK #3 with Paul Smith Jeans, Diesel Jeans, Grenson shoes

psj033-a15-blu_1di011-a15-ddn_1 gr008-a15-blk_1

LOOK #4 with Barbour, Nudie Jeans, Barbour International

bar036-a15-grn_1 nud039-a15-ddn_1 bar003-a15-nvy_1

LOOK #5 with Paul & Shark, J Lindeberg, Nudie Jeans

pas013-a15-blu_1nud36-a15-den_1 jl049-a15-dgy_1