How many times have I praised the Scandinavians for their realistic approach to fashion? Countless I’m sure. It’s old news that the Nordic regions of our fair continent have been dominating the fashion world for a number of seasons now, with their simplistic and practical approach to dressing. All are things which they’ve been embracing for decades, but have only just drifted across the north sea to us recently. Well this season there’s a new kid on the block who will be joining the ranks of our other Scandinavian brands in our portfolio; Nudie Jeans, Acne Studios, Tiger of Sweden and J Lindeberg.

Stutterheim was born out of nostalgia, Alexander Stutterheim cites his grandfather as the source of his inspiration for the Swedish raincoat brand. A fisherman in his spare time, he braved the Baltic sea in the worst conditions, in the heaviest rainfalls and loudest thunderstorms. Years later Alexander found his grandfather’s old raincoat hanging in a an abandoned barn. He wanted to wear it instantly. It was cool but also undeniably practical. He could see it’s potential, the basics were there but it needed an update for the modern world. Buying a piece of oilcloth and using the jacket as a pattern, he created his first prototype. A 60’s raincoat that was named after the archipelago island his grandfather set sail from; Arholma.



You’d think the first 200 were sold out of some exclusively trendy Stockholm boutique. You’d be wrong. Alexander sold them directly out of his apartment, which earned him some funny looks from the neighbours. But his merchandise was ‘top quality’ so people kept coming back for more. Each piece was signed and numbered by it’s seamstress, a symbol of quality as well as proof that it wasn’t just another mass produced raincoat. Obviously this couldn’t go on forever, so Stutterheim relocated and opened a store, HQ and showroom in Stockholm. Offering a variety of styles in different fabrics, Stutterheim jackets are now available in a rainbow of colours, from that traditional fisherman yellow to a classic black.

They may be big shots now but the quality and attention to detail remains. Each piece is still handmade and signed off by it’s maker, the seams are doubled welted so that you stay pleasantly dry, and the simplistic functional design may have been adapted over time but still continues to stay true to that original jacket.  It’s a fantastic addition to a Autumn/ Winter wardrobe but it’s also a great investment – especially living in the UK. The brilliant thing about Stutterheim raincoats is that they adapt well to most styles, so you can wear it on some blustery cliff in Cornwall as well as strutting down Kensington High Street, London. Style, function and versatility, what more could you need?

Welcome to embracing the demons lurking outside and those hiding within. – Alexander Stutterheim


Shop the Stockholm raincoat in 4 colours

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