As of Wednesday 23rd September Autumn is officially up and running. It’s felt pretty Autumnal for the past month anyway, but if you’re one of those people who’s clinging onto Summer until the very last moment, you can stop. It’s over. The time for pumpkin spiced lattes, chestnuts and hearty home cooked pies is upon us. And with this change comes the opportunity to switch out your wardrobe for something a little more appropriate. It’s also the perfect time to assess the contents of your wardrobe, get rid of those pieces that you never wear and swap them for something that will get plenty of air time.

Autumn being that slightly awkward season where it can be hammering it down first thing in the morning but by 2 o’clock it’s all sunshine and rainbows, dressing can be difficult. A highly confusing time of year for those who like to look good no matter what the conditions are outside. This is where ‘the art of layering‘ comes into the equation, learn how to balance the seasons throughout your outfit and you’re golden. We’ve pulled 6 items that we think are essential to any Autumn wardrobe, all staples which can be layered and worn throughout the season and into next year.


The Blazer

Swap out the linen and jersey for wool and tweed. Instead of going for the typical black blazer, look at earthy tones like olive and grey which are just that little bit softer. A good piece for work, but also ideal for a night out with jeans and a shirt.


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The Rain Coat

You’ve spent a fairly substantial amount of time dressing for the day to then find out it’s absolutely pouring it down. Well no one wants to cover up a masterpiece but if you want to preserve it for the rest of the day, you need to get a decent rain coat on. They’re not those horrendous ‘waterproofs’ you were forced to wear walking to school anymore, brands like Stutterheim, J Lindeberg and Barbour have filled the gap for functional yet stylish outerwear. Now you get to be proud of two looks in one day.


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The Patterned Jumper

After months of t-shirts and short sleeves it feels nice to be in a soft knitted jumper. A plain crew neck is always going to be essential but a subtly patterned knit is a great way to welcome in the season. It still goes well over a shirt, looks great with both trousers and jeans, plus it adds a bit of texture and depth to a plain outfit.


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The Boots

We’re at that point where functionality seems to out way aesthetics, with the rain coming down and the temperature dropping, a sensible pair of shoes is just common sense. But it doesn’t mean you need to start trudging around in hiking boots like you’re Bear Grylls in Alaska, Hudson and Grenson both offer up a fine selection of chukka and worker boots.

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The Plaid Shirt

My love for checked shirts was clearly shown a couple of weeks ago in my post ‘The most important pattern of AW15 | Check Mate’, so obviously it’s made it onto the essential list today. A very popular print this season with many of the top brands incorporating the checked shirt into their collections. Wear it casual or dress it up, it’s an all around winner.


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The Down Jacket

Perhaps a little premature but it’s always best to stay ahead and be prepared for whatever weather is thrown at us. The best thing about a down jacket in Autumn, is that you don’t really need to worry about piling the layers on. A t-shirt or shirt alone is no longer warm enough, but throw an ultra lightweight down jacket on and you’ll be comfortably toasty. And when it gets into winter, all you need to do is add an extra layer underneath.


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