This week marked a change in season. We can now fully embrace Autumn without feeling like we’re cheating on Summer. Obviously we’re only in the early stages, but it’s good to get ahead and start dusting off the boots and pulling out the scarves. When it comes down to Autumnal fashion there are a few things that are a given; your wooly jumpers, lace up boots, beanies and scarves, but there’s always an underlining trend pushing certain styles forward.

I will admit that this season’s trends aren’t a big shocker. There’s nothing strange or unusual about them, so there’s no need to worry that you might have to start donning your girlfriend’s leggings or wearing fedora hats, it’s all normal and easy to follow. Some trends are more fitting for later in the year when the temperature drops, so we’ll come back to them after Halloween. But for now there are a few to note, all are easy to achieve and fairly versatile with regards to introducing it to your wardrobe – some you may already have so kudos.




Tartan isn’t just for kilts and shortbread tins – it’s actually a very versatile print. Checks and tartans are making a big appearance this year, both are easy to wear and add visual impact to a look. But I want to focus on tartan not checks, as it’s something that truly is a seasonal pattern, whereas checks are often seen all year round. If you want to dress head-to-toe in it like an English Lord go ahead, but I’m willing to bet most of you would prefer a subtle smattering of it. Barbour are right on point here with their Tartan collection, the brushed cotton shirts are our favourites. It looks great with a dark denim jeans and a blazer.

bar036-a15-grn_1 2015-09-14_1717 bar013-a15-gry_1


The oh-so elegant roll neck. What a classic. Not only is it extremely warm and comfortable, it looks bloody fantastic with a blazer and trouser combo. Chilly in the office? Get a roll neck on. Looks just as smart as a shirt, so there’s no need to worry about a disapproving look from the boss – if you do get one, it’s probably out of jealously anyway. Ms Westwood always delivers when it comes down to lightweight knitwear, but if you’re looking for something chunkier Barbour and Wolsey are the go-to.

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The classics always come back. If there’s ever a time to show off traditional British styles like tweed blazers, woollen trousers and tailored jackets, it’s now. We designed dapper threads for cold, wet and dreary winters, so it’s all functional but beautifully stylish. It’s time to look to the British greats; Paul Smith, Oliver Spencer and Vivienne Westwood for inspiration – but I will say J Lindeberg know how to rock the classics too.

jl050-a15-dgn_1 osp008-a15-gry_1 vw009-a15-brn_1


The colour of mourning, the uniform of goths and probably the most sophisticated shade out there. Don’t be tricked into thinking an all black ensemble is only acceptable at Halloween, it’s one of the easiest and most complimentary looks out there. It’s maybe not something to repeatedly wear day after day (some will and fair enough on that), but if you want to look super slick for a night out, definitely go for the black jeans, black shirt (ideally flecked), blazer and shoe/ boot combination. Always a winner.

tgr008-a15-blk_1 2015-09-25_1037 hu005-a15-blk_1


Still going strong, the trend for sports influenced high fashion continues through into Autumn/ Winter 15, so you might get away with recycling a few bits from previous seasons. Introduce a few new additions like a tailored bomber jacket or statement sneakers to keep things fresh. It’s still all about mixing the smart with the uber casual, opposite attract and all that. Y3 will always be our go to for anything sports and fashion related.

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