It’s widely been said that when you look good, you feel good. I think we’ve all had one of those days when you’re just not feeling it, but when you take a look in the mirror at the truly phenomenal outfit you’ve just created, all of the stress and anger fades away. Now throw in the knowledge that you’ve just helped someone better their life on the other side of the world, how good do you feel now?!

Vivienne Westwood has always been very vocal about her beliefs, from her political views to her efforts in stopping climate change. Over time she’s worked with multiple charities using her brand name to promote the cause and raise awareness. We have a lot of admiration for the lady and are pleased to be aiding in her campaign for ethical fashion this season.

Dame Westwood has been collaborating with the Ethical Fashion Initiative for 10 seasons now, helping promote sustainable business that transforms so many people’s lives. Instead of simply handing over the aid, this project works with locals in Africa who produce the entire collection by hand and get to reap the benefits of their hard work. It supports thousands of women who live in extreme poverty but have the motivation and desire to improve their lives. This program gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, provide for their families, build on the local economy and raise the standard of living in Kenya.

Here are a few stats that will make you feel all warm inside:

86% of the artisans involved in this project received training during the production, offering them international standard skills.

72% of artisans were able to save from the income received from these bags. enabling them to plan for their future

And best of all, more than 950 children were able to go to school as a result of the Vivienne Westwood collection.

The collection takes on the brand’s iconic squiggle, scribble tartan and argyle prints, as well as a new snakes and ladders design. We’re holding our favourite squiggle print this season, a range made up of holdalls, backpacks and wash bags. All pieces are crafted from recycled fabrics and handmade in Nairobi. The bags have a canvas body with durable leather panels and grey webbed handles. The Vivienne Westwood orb is handmade in brass, giving a worn in and ages appearance.

These accessories would make a fantastic gift this Christmas, with the knowledge that you’re making someone else’s day special, what’s not to like!? Check out the full collection here.

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