Trends tend to come and go, little fads like yo-yos and Pokemon cards that never seem to last longer than a year. But there a few select few – the elite trends – that are constant and timeless like playing Monopoly and watching repeats of Only Fools and Horses. One of these elite trends is the all black ensemble. It’s not gothic or depressing. It’s super flattering, classically elegant and James-Bond-like suave – so don’t listen to those who slate it from being dull. I’m personally a huge fan of the head-to-toe clad-in-all-black look, it never fails to impress and somehow manages to be relevant wherever I am – however I have found it’s slightly frowned upon at weddings so throwing in a splash of colour is advisable if you want to keep the bride happy.


The darkest colour in our palette shows no shadows, therefore producing the illusion of trimmer silhouette – perfect for the festive period. Not only is it a flattering colour, it’s also helpfully versatile, pairing nicely with most colours out there – saves time faffing in the mornings. You don’t have to dress head-to-toe in it to look good, introducing a single colour breaks up the canvas. Similar tones are also a great choice, grouping shades of grey with black is a very complimenting look. The only thing with dressing in a single colour is you need to remember to vary the tones and textures so it doesn’t look like you’re wandering the streets in wetsuit. We’ve put together a few ensembles that show off it’s superiority, sleekness and just plain coolness.



Catching up with friends over the festive period? Dress to impress but don’t go over-the-top. Depending on your style either a wooly jumper or a charcoal polo shirt paired with a set of black jeans is always a good call. If you want to keep it really casual go for a pair of black or grey sneakers, the white soles with break up the black nicely. Throw on a casual bomber jacket to finish it off.


ls008-s16-gry_1  tgr006-a15-blk_1  y3-031-a15-blk_1  cre008-s16-cha_1


Look good, feel good and get the job done. People are just going to take you a little more seriously when you’re rocking something this slick. A charcoal suit, a dapper set of brogues, a black fitted shirt and matching tie, they’ll be offering you a pay rise before you’ve even sat down. Throw a bit of colour in with a pocket square.


vw015-a15-blk_1  vw016-a15-gry_1  jl054-a15-gry_1  gr003-s16-blk_1


Tis the season to look good and party, here’s a little ensemble to help you on your way. The tailored trousers bring a smarter edge to the look but they could always been swapped out for black jeans…Layer up but break up the black with different textures and tones.


jl042-a15-blk_1  mk015-s16-dgy_1  ps006-s16-blk_1  hu005-a15-blk_1