Shoes are important. They keep our feet warm and dry, protect us from standing on/in undesirable things, aid in posture and stance, and are the object of first impressions. Very important stuff. So we want to make sure that when selecting our footwear we do it right. This season there are about 4 main styles that are really making waves with their versatile qualities and signature silhouettes.


The Brogue was designed as a piece of ‘workwear’ worn by Irish and Scottish farmers, but nowadays we’d have a fit if we saw a splash of mud on them let alone wearing them out on the land. A set of brogues are pretty much a staple piece for any self-respecting sartorial man, and a go-to for any gent who admires luxury footwear. You see people wearing them with business suits, jeans and even shorts in the warmer months. They’re everywhere and somewhat of a national treasure. I’m a big fan of the tan brogue as I find them that little bit softer than black, pairing easier with a casual look. (Grenson, Grenson, Hudson)

gr002-a15-tan_1  gr008-a15-blk_1  hu005-a15-tan_1




I don’t know what it is about farming and modern fashion but somewhere along the way someone was truly inspired by it, because Penny loafers also had a modest beginning in the fields of Norway. Like with brogues, a farm is the last place you’d wear your loafers – no one wants to loose a shoe in the mud (or worse). By the time the 50s hit, loafers saw a new lease of life as part of the American preppy scene, sported by Presidents and musicians alike. A strong history. Another gem that seems to go with everything. (Bass Weejuns, Hudson, Bass Weejuns)

bsw001-s15-blk_1  hu001-s16-tan_1  bsw002-s15-bur_1



Derbies are the plainest style we’re looking at which would explain why they’re so widely favoured. Slightly chunkier than an Oxford but with a little less formality than a Brogue, it’s basically the casual-smart shoe – whatever that is. A plain black pair of Derbies will see you through everything. (Grenson, Hudson)

gr001-s16-tan_1    hu004-s16-blk_1



It’s probably the most casual of our selection but also the only boot we’re featuring. The Chukka is a delightful change from the Chelsea and saddle boots that typically rule the season. An unusual shape that’s a lot softer than the rigid silhouette of most Winter boots, it’s available in both leather and suede so the options are vast. These guys still look good with all the usual bits but I would say I favour them with jeans or woollen trousers. (Hudson, Paul Smith Jeans, Hudson)

hu003-a15-blk_1  psj044-a15-brn_1  hu006-s16-nvy_1