Paris has always been an epi-center for fashion, producing some of the worlds most iconic labels. It’s a fashion capital that has truly earned it stripes, there’s no denying it’s individual style with the way it’s so subtly stands out. There’s enough fashion houses in Paris to habitate a small town – a pretty damn dapper one – where you have the classics like Dior and Chanel on one side, and then the new generation of quirky young labels that are popping up all over the place. AMI is one of those guys.

New to us this season, we’re so chuffed to be one of the lucky buggers who get to stock this brilliant label. AMI launched in 2011 to rave reviews and a strong following from leading industry figures. Most menswear buyers are out to get their mitts on this Parisian beauty and you can see why, with it’s clean lines and sheer wearability, it’s a buyers dream. The designer and founder Alexandre Mattiussi insists his brand is built on the principle that it’s ‘real clothes for real men’. A comprehensive collection of both smart and chic casual pieces, a sincere and authentic range of clothing and footwear. And it’s true, the reason behind it’s success is it’s appealing nature that calls to any man who loves to look damn dapper.

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The French born designer started his career as a ballet dancer, practising for 10 years before abandoning it for the world of fashion. Attending the prestigious design school Duperre in Paris set the platform for a very fast growing career. By the time he turned 20 – when the rest of us were still struggling to balance the deadlines and hangovers – Mattiussi was working in one of the biggest fashion houses; Dior. He’s got a few more impressive names on his CV from Marc Jacobs to Givenchy, where he led the menswear design team before venturing out on his own. The desire to go out on his own was always there, he started selling his shirts and t-shirts in Hong Kong and New York in 2002 but decided to close it down and try again when he had a stronger support system.

AMI is now stocked across the world in some of the most prestigious stores, with 3 stand alones in Paris and 1 in Tokyo. Alexandre Mattiussi has received some great recognition for all his hard work with editors choosing to feature his brand in their publications, plus he was the first male designer to win the ANDAM prize. As I said we’re well chuffed to be holding such a sought after name and Spring/ Summer 16 is the perfect opportunity to launch it at John Anthony. A new year means a new look, so why not start 2016 with a splash of AMI in your wardrobe? Take a look at what we’ve had in so far….

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