This week we welcomed another new addition to the JA family, Sperry Top-siders. These guys are the ultimate lifestyle brand, the epitome of luxury American living. If you wanted to escape the New York heat for the Hamptons, you’d be wearing your Ralph Lauren polo shirt, Michael Kors chinos and Sperry Top-siders whilst driving out there. This is the uniform of the preppy American – it’s been confirmed. The Official Preppy Handbook endorses the Sperry Top-sider Authentic Original as the footwear of classic prep style. Who am I to go against the handbook!?

Sperry has been around for donkey’s years – 86 to be exact – so it’s nothing earth shattering or futuristic about them, but it is a brand that’s rich in history and believes in true quality. Paul Sperry was born into a sea-faring family so his Connecticut up-bringing would always led to the ocean. A seamen himself, he enlisted into the US Navy after WW1 broke out during his college years, he stayed an avid sailor but also dabbled in a bit of inventing. After a slippery brush with death, Sperry set about creating a boat shoe that kept you safely on deck with a non-slip sole. The inspiration for his product came from his dog. Yes, his dog. After watching him effortlessly dart across the ice one winter, he realised that the grooves on a dogs paws could be replicated for those of us on just two legs. Paul carved these grooves into the bottom of a rubber sole, and in that moment the world’s first boat shoe was born. It was 1935.

Another war broke out and this time Sperry participated in a different way. The Sperry Top-sider became one of the official shoes for the US Navy, helping keep the nation’s sailors onboard. Even to this day Sperry have stayed remarkable in touch with their heritage as one of the sponsors of the US sailing team. You can understand why they’ve become an influential part of classic American style, they live and breathe the nautical lifestyle.

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Anyone who fancies themselves as a bit of bon vivant, embracing the luxury lifestyle with trips to Nice and the Amalfi coast, will find a set of Sperrys the perfect new addition to their wardrobe. Made of premium leather that’s stain and water resistant, the classic boat shoe design makes them an investment piece that will serve you for years to come. The non-marking latex outsole produces tremendous cushioning and shock absorption, and the memory foam insoles keep you comfortable whilst you strut your stuff. And of course we can’t forget about the most important feature, the razor cut wave-siping soles that provide the ultimate traction and grip. No embarrassing slips in Waitrose for you! Now if you want to step it up to the next level you need to take a look  at the Gold Cup collection. Beautiful leather uppers that are hand sewn and lined with luxuriously soft lambskin are finished off with 18 karat gold plated eyelets, setting them apart from all other boat shoes. Just me, my Sperrys and my yacht. Well 2/3 of that is true. Check out this season’s hottest holiday shoe below.


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