For us southerners it’s been a fairly mild winter, just wet and warm. Lovely stuff. So we’re more than ready for Spring to hit and with temperatures hitting 12 degrees over the weekend, it’s seems it could be on it’s way. For the fashion world however, it’s been all about Spring for a good few months now with S16 collections arriving even before Christmas! With Easter now in our sight, we thought it was about time we threw the spotlight on the trends that will dominate this season. There are a few key pieces that seem to be cropping up in every designer’s look book, and they’re all styles that can work right now! Check them out..


An update from the bomber jacket which has dominated for the past few years, the suede jacket makes a nice change from the typical lightweight nylon numbers we usually see in spring. It looks pretty good with most things and the neutral colour makes it a versatile number. Just don’t wear it out in the rain.



When it starts to heat up the last thing you want to be doing is squeezing into your skinny jeans. Chinos are lightweight, loose fitting and have the ability to be both smart and casual. Roll them up with a t-shirt and flip flops during the day, then tuck a shirt in and grab a blazer for something more presentable at night. Plus there’s a nice choice of colours.



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No one wears socks in the summer so a set of slip on plimsolls makes perfect sense. No laces to faff around with, easy to kick off for any spontaneous paddling and simple enough to go with shorts, trousers and jeans. Luxury sneakers are all about minimalism, clean and contemporary designs allow the silhouette to talk for itself. These guys come in black too.



April showers and all that, it seems prudent to own something with a hood. There’s loads of hooded jackets out there this season, available in some epic summer shades and functional enough for when you’re out and about.



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Don’t try to avoid it by pying it off as a ‘woman’s thing’, we’ve got to a point in evolution where men can carry a bag without denting their masculinity. A modern man has a lot of crap, lugging laptops, tablets, multiple chargers, notepads and the odd cheeky snack or two around with them all day. There’s not enough pockets in any jacket – even a C.P Company one at that – to hold all that stuff. Embrace the man bag. And do it with a tote.