For the modern man who likes to nurse a strong beard but needs to balance the lumberjack look with the city slicker, something like Natural Selection will be right up their street. The perimeters of what’s workwear and what’s weekend-wear have faded away leaving a very open interpretation for us follow. Jeans are accepted – maybe not your worn and torn skinnys but a set of black jeans fly under the radar quite nicely. People are even wearing sneakers to the office now. I’m sure certain industries aren’t quite as lax as the creatives, and we’re all for a cracking suit, tie and brogues combo, but for some people that’s just all too much.

Natural Selection came to us as a denim brand a few seasons back where the quality and fit of their jeans were very well received. Since then the brand has had a bit of a restructure and is no longer solely a denim label. AW14 saw the launch of Natural Selection’s ready-to-wear line which compliments it’s already established denim line with it’s clean cut look and relaxed tailoring.

Founded in ’09 by John Park – a self-proclaimed ‘denimhead’ – the London based brand only recently opened it’s flagship store. As I mentioned previously, Natural Selection was launched as a denim brand, using only Japanese selvedge denim – which, for those whose denim knowledge isn’t up to scratch, is the best of the best. A very authentic clothing label that cites Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of species by way of Natural Selection‘ as the inspiration behind the brand’s name. A random and quite honestly far too intellectual choice for us lot, but we’ll roll with it.

So for those gents who love to mix the smart with the scruffy, Natural Selection could be your new best buddy. Think urbanite stuck between the urge to fit in with the city slickers and the need for those casual comforts. It appears effortless, even when it’s not. No one can berate you for not making an effort when you’re wearing a shirt and shoes, even if it’s with jeans right? The denim is coming soon, but have a look at what’s come in so far – here. Some pretty great pieces in there, it’s a natural selection really….(yeah I went there).

What it sits well with…


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Left to right: Natural Selection, J Lindeberg, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Paul Smith

ns003-s16-nvy_1 bar015-s16-olv_1 nud032-s16-den_1 ami002-s16-wht_1

Left to right: Natural Selection, Barbour, Nudie Jeans, AMI

ns002-sr-lbl_1 ps002-s16-dgy_1mos003-s16-blk_1bsw003-s16-blk_1

Left to right: Natural Selection, PS by Paul Smith, Love Moschino, Bass Weejuns