We’ve established before that what you wear on your feet could directly correspond to the decision made by those around you. If it’s a make-it or break-it situation (interview, promotion, I’d make sure you step into it wearing something that’s going to push the odds in your favour. The power of footwear! Like the rest of your wardrobe certain things come in and out of style dependent on the time of year. For example, we all pack our shorts away in the winter months and are only just starting to think about digging them out again now. It’s the same with some shoes.

So we’ve accessed the footwear situation – both smart and casual – and can now report back with our findings. We noticed 4 key elements in the Spring/ Summer collections; conceptual design, tonal palettes, suede uppers and a fondness for the loafer.



A material which really comes into it’s own during the summer months when it’s less likely to get rained on. A bit of texture can make a big difference to a pair of shoes, showing a simple silhouette in a different light. It’s not just Hudson loafers that have put their suede coats on, there’s quite a few pairs of sneakers that are sporting the look too.

hu001-s16-tan_1  hu012-s16-nvy_1  mg003-s16-snd_1  y3-011-s16-wht_1

Hudson, Hudson, Mason Garments, Y3



There are those summer brights out there but there’s also this trend for minimalist tonal designs that fit perfectly into our S16 wardrobes. Think grey on grey, endless shades of beige and deep desert khakis. I think this is a fitting trend for the season, one which appreciates the softer side of summer. Filling Pieces are on it with this look.

fps002-s16-gry_1  fps015-s16-cor_1  nov001-s16-wht_1  ah006-s16-olv_1

Filling Pieces, Filling Pieces, Novesta, Android Homme



Every season designers are pushing the boundaries of design with their new creations, experimenting with new fabrics and developing new shock absorbing materials. A modern man needs to keep his finger on the pulse and stay in touch with all the new gadgets and trends, this includes footwear and fashion. Y3 are notorious for their conceptual approach to fashion, using Yohji Yamamoto’s ultra modern eye with the Adidas tech. Creative Recreation and Cruyff have jumped on the bandwagon too with their own contemporary designs.

y3-002-s16-blk_1  y3-010-s16-blk_1  cre001-sr-wht_1  crf0002-a16-nvy_1

Y3, Y3, Creative Recreation, Cruyff Classics



Ahh my old friend. A classic. You can’t go through summer without donning a set of loafers. There’s the smarter ones for weddings and such events, as well as a more casual Riveria style from holidays and weekends. There’s even rubber ones for those who intend on going swimming in theirs…


ajm054-s16-nvy_1  swm002-s16-gry_1 bsw001-s16-nvy_1  bsw003-s16-brn_1

Armani Jeans, Swims, Bass Weejuns