For many of us jeans are like a second skin. A part of our daily lives like eating breakfast or checking Instagram, we’d be lost without them – or naked without them. Enter Nudie Jeans. The Swedish brand has an almost unnatural bond with denim, but are also the most knowledgable and honest brand out there. They want the world to understand denim, to educate us on the process that makes your favourite pair of jeans and how to nurture that sacred relationship between man and denim.

The thing that makes Nudie Jeans unique is their sheer honesty. ‘The Naked Truth About Denim‘ basically means full disclosure about the brand, the process and the product. Every pair is created using 100% organic cotton, sourced not only for it’s quality but also for the environmental and economical benefits that come from farming organically. You see, conventional cotton is created using a lot of bad chemicals, and bad chemicals aren’t great for the environment. So by wearing Nudie Jeans, you’re actually helping lower the potential global warming. Kudos.

By now you can probably tell that Nudie Jeans are a pretty nice company – which is 100% true. They’re feeding our need for new clothing but also recycle our waste – and by waste I mean the jeans that are no longer acceptable to wear due to their copious holes and stains. The jeans that are falling apart, the ones that your girlfriend keeps trying to donate to charity but you somehow keep managing snatch back in time, those jeans will eventually need to be laid to rest. And at that time you can take them to the Nudie Repair Shop where they’ll either fit them up to be sold second hand in the store, or they’ll be put into one of their many recycling projects. So your jeans could potentially become a rug or a chair. Mind blowing I know.

Like a mother tending to their young, Nudie look after their own. They have their own repair shops where you can go when you fall over and both you and your jeans get a boo boo. Last year 21,331 pairs of jeans were repaired at Nudie Repair shops – that’s A LOT of jeans which is why the waiting list is around 6 months at the moment. However when you’ve dedicated a good 6 months wearing them in, you might as well reap the rewards of your efforts by sending them to the denim doctors to be fixed up. If you’re not planning on going to London anytime soon, you can always order a repair kit free of charge from them – seriously, could they get any nicer?


All jeans start as a pair of dry denim. Even if you buy them washed and worn, they were originally a pair of dark indigo jeans. Cotton is a nature fibre so over time it will evolve and change which is the beauty behind denim jeans. Indigo dyed jeans will always fade – the speed of which will depend on your lifestyle and washing frequency. When it comes to washing there’s always been a bit of a debate on frequency because of hygiene etc. For dry indigo denim it’s recommended wear time is 6 months before washing, but washing them before that won’t harm them, it’ll just leave them an even blue wash. If you want your jeans to develop some character, don’t wash them. Black jeans will fade fast so if you want them to stay black it’s recommended that you wash them only when you really need to! Spill some sauce on them? Get a damp cloth and give them a little scrub. When it comes down to the smell, there’s obviously a limit that we can all handle. Hanging them outside on a sunny day will freshen a pair up, but when you start smelling like a decomposing caracas you should probably pop them in the wash.

If you love your jeans only a fraction as much as Nudie do, you’ll get some decent wear and plenty of memories out of them. The great thing about Nudie Jeans is that they offer such a diverse range of fits that you could quite easily own several – of each. Plus there’s also the t-shirts and shirts to go with them. You could be Nudie all over. We’re currently offering 5 fits; Long John, Thin Finns, Grim Tims, Lean Deans and Steady Eddies. The new season’s washes have just arrived and they’re looking spot on. Some great inky blue washes that really pop against the dark denim, and we have a feeling they’ll age well too. Take a stroll through the world of denim from one of the industry’s elite brands and you’ll never look back. Enjoy the journey.


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