Everyone’s starting to prep for the biggest sporting event of the summer, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The hype is starting to kick off with only 3 months until the opening ceremony, even the fashion houses are getting fired up. Ralph Lauren has long been associated with with world of sport, sponsoring a whole array of teams from aquatics to equestrian. They’re the official sponsors of the USA team’s closing ceremony uniforms, but have broaden their scope to incorporate other participating nations in the Ralph Lauren Rio 2016 collection.

ita1  ita2

Any Italian, Spanish and Brazilian supporters will be overjoyed with the bits we pulled from the collection. People who aren’t wont, might not be so enthusiastic…Inspired by the countries national kits, there’s both a polo shirt and a t-shirt available for each of the 3 ‘chosen’ nations. You’ll see a likeness between their national football kits and this collection, all have taken key components to create an awesome little weekend number that could be doubled up for the European Championship too.

esp1  esp2

Embroidered badges symbolise the collaboration between the brand and the International teams, and the iconic pony polo sits proudly opposite. Each shirt features the Olympic Games date in some way, whether it’s a big 16 on the chest (Brazil) or ITA/016 on the back (Italy). It’s bee designed to represent but also to look respectable. Classic Ralph Lauren style, sporty but with a smarter edge.

bra1  bra2

The colour palette, quality and custom fit makes each piece so much better than the official sporting kits. If you don’t want to jump on the sporting bandwagon and start dressing head-to-toe in athletic apparel, this Polo Ralph Lauren collection will be right up your street. Bright colours, patriotism and good old fashion preppy style. It’s got us sold.

The Italian, Spanish and Brazilian polos and t-shirts are available in all stores. To find out more about availability and sizes, please feel free to give us a ring or drop us a line here.