Men’s fashion just keeps on growing, the options are becoming endless. Where ‘fashion’ was very much a woman’s world and shopping their greatest joy in life, a man’s place was only in the tailors or sport’s shops. Thankfully over the decades menswear has found it’s place next to women’s, as in equal in the world of fashion. The stuff that’s available out there is incredible, the amount of menswear brands that are popping up shows that it’s only going to get better! But in a world where we can dress like anyone we want in whatever we want, sometimes it’s nice to look back to simpler times when a cracking t-shirt and a strong set of jeans was the best thing in the world.

There’s nothing better or easier than throwing on a t-shirt and pair of jeans. A true manifesto of men’s style, the combo may seem simple but it actually offers plenty of room to show off some personal style. The easiest way to get noticed on the streets without getting a dolled-up, is to don a strong statement t-shirt that people can’t help but acknowledge. Chosen by you, the design gives your audience a little taste of your personality. The kit that’s out there now has gone way beyond the band tees and sports logos of previous decades, there’s some impressive designs that look like they belong on a wall not on a t-shirt, proving the direct correlation between art and fashion.

There’s no longer only a handful of denim brands to choose from. The old school classics still remain and will always be the old faithfuls, but the competition has grown dramatically and the denim pool is now more of an ocean. When fishing for jeans, there are a few more things to ponder besides the colour and price. The origin of the denim; Japanese, American, Italian. Do you want selvedge denim? Are you looking for drain pipes, a straight cut, a slim fit or a comfy loose set? Do you want any of the extras like embroidered pockets, bold branding, distressed marks or holes, badges and chains? Mind blowing. It’s no easy job looking for new jeans. A pint may be needed.

The t-shirts on offer this season vary from Japanese inspired artwork to semi-political statements, to whimsical cartoons and random phrasing. When it comes down to it, it’s all personal preference. Just know that the jeans-tee combo will forever hold an important place in a man’s wardrobe, and your options are ridiculously huge so enjoy it! Here’s a few of our top picks…


ds031-a16-blk_1 tr001-a16-gry_1

Dsqaured + True Religion

mos016-a16-wht_1  ajm015-a16-den_1

Love Moschino + Armani Jeans

ami017-a16-wht_1  vwa002-a16-den_1

AMI + Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

bar017-a16-cha_1  nud014-a16-nvy_1

Barbour International + Nudie Jeans

bbc024-a16-wht_1  ke018-a16-ddn_1

Billionaire Boys Club + Kenzo

vw008-a16-blk_1  ds022-a16-ddn_1

Vivienne Westwood Man + Dsquared