We’ve been looking forward to this moment since our buyer announced their meeting earlier in the year. ETQ has arrived. The minimalistic aesthetic of this Dutch footwear brand has gained support and admiration from industry players and sneakerheads alike, thrusting it to the top of it’s division amongst the likes of Filling Pieces and Adidas. We’re pleased to welcome the first drop of the season, with four key styles that will be great additions to any sneaker collection.

For those who are new to ETQ, here’s a little breakdown of what the brand’s about. It’s built on the philosophy of eliminating over-accessorised branding and putting the full focus on the product itself. The designs are created with 3 things in mind; elegance, timelessness and quality. You get exactly what you can see, bells and whistles not included. Founded in 2010, ETQ has gone from strength to strength and now boasts an international cliental. Their conceptual thinking has worked out well with the surge for cleaner more simplified styling. This best thing about these trainers is the fact that they’re seasonless. Wear them in the winter through into August, they’ve created a line of their favourite pieces that can be relied on daily.

Amsterdam is the place to be right now, especially when it comes to sneakers with Filling Pieces tearing up the scene and now ETQ. This first drop features monochromatic greys, blues and whites. This season in true ETQ style, elements have been stripped back even further to form a clean round silhouette, creating the brand’s most minimalistic style to date. Each pair of ETQ trainers are fully lined and come with their own dust bag and an extra set of waxed laces. We’re looking forward to introducing this to our style, especially as we know it’s going to go with everything. Going to have to refrain from wearing them day after day….