G.H. Bass is a persistent brand, enduring decades of pop culture and endless new trends, it’s weathered the storms and remained consistent. The makers of the original penny loafer, Bass was built on one man’s idea ‘to make the best possible shoe for the purpose in which it will be used’. The name G.H Bass is usually associated with their signature loafers, Bass Weejuns, but there’s actually a lot more on offer than you may think….

A patriotic label which is proud of the way it’s woven into the history books with it’s presidential and hollywood cliental, it’s very much the all-American brand. It became hugely popular in the 50s as part of the Ivy League look; Oxford button down, pressed chinos and college cardigans. The penny loafer was the perfect addition to the look and at an affordable cost for college freshmen, it became part of the uniform. The Bass Weejuns have always been an overwhelming success and are one of our most widely asked for styles, and this season the collection has grown. We’re hosting the Larkin, Layton and Larson Weejuns, available in high shine or matte leather, kiltie or tassel.


Those are the classics, but this Autumn we’re introducing a new(ish) style, the Quail Hunter boot. Taken from the Bass archives (as seen below), this mid length lace boot is another example of the sheer quality that comes out of their Maine HQ. Featuring a genuine leather upper, constructed and sewn by hand, it’s got the purpose and the design that George Henry Bass wanted back in 1876. The sturdy rubber sole will see us into the depths of a British winter and out the other side.  Available in two colours, it’s already got us praying for a cold spell so we can enjoy them in the conditions they were created for.


Bass is a true original but they know how to give their classic styles that modern twist we all require. Whether you fancy a new pair of loafers for work and nights out, or you’re looking for something a bit more rugged for the colder months, G.H. Bass have got you covered. Check out the full range here.
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